Jul 29, 2017

The Stamp Act - 1765

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The Stamp Act - 1765

The essay needs to explain the flow of era in the century ,and exactly explain the plot . The causing facts and impacts of the act is needed. There is an special source needed for it which it is "Give me Liberty" brief addition by Eric Foner.I also can provide pictures of the pages. ​Passage of the Stamp Act in 1765 signaled a new era in relations between Britain and its colonies. Define the Act itself, and relate London`s justifications and the Patriot`s objections. What next did the colonists do at both formal and grassroots levels, and what ideas supported those actions? Finally, what lessons did these dissidents take away from their experiences? History Essay
The Stamp Act - 1765Name:Course:Tutor:Date:The Stamp Act - 1765Introduction Money in the ancient days proved a major hitch to the British government. The government set up policies that would foresee effective control and collection of money so as to fund its ventures in the American colonies. The British parliament enacted the stamp paper to enhance its strategy. Owing the alluded rationale above, this literature will pinpoint the effects, the relevance, the results and suggestions of the stamp paper act in 1765 (Boyer, p. 100).Discussion The stamp paper act enactment was a strategy initiated to aid the British government to maximize returns from its American colonies. The money gained from the colonies was used to cater for the salaries of the soldiers situated in North America. Moreover, the British government felt that each colony benefited mutually from the money. Thus, it was logic for colonies to pay tax as soldiers` ensured peace was maintained internally and externally. The policy main locale was in collection of tax as the policy pinpointed massive ways that foresaw effective collection of taxes from the citizens. The paper`s policy demanded that land owners, exporters, manufactures, students and professionals among others pay tax. For instance, the year 1764 the sugar act that originated from the year 1733 molasses act that aimed to monopolize the market. However, the sugar act received antagonism from liberal minded scholars who thought the viewed the act as rather exploitat...

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