Jul 26, 2017

The Himalaya shampoo

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The Himalaya shampoo


Following are the guidelines on essay writing. Respond to the issue in essay format with a short introduction, body and conclusion. • you should explain the marketing concepts, theory and apply the concepts through application to the specific marketing problem; (use marketing language) • you should analyze and evaluate information in a marketing context; using appropriate information sources, analyze information gathered to provide depth and breadth to recommendation • you should apply the objective as( Ansoff matrix )and (Determining objectives and strategies tables) which is attached below • you should also apply the strategy the 7 p`s of marketing in recommendation • Demonstrate effective written communication skills and use of correct referencing method. - you should use tables, diagrams and further analysis of data to clarify, illustrate and supplement analysis and support your recommendations. ...................................... Important Note: - The Himalaya shampoo case study is attached -The Himalaya shampoo proposal is also attached. YOU have to read the proposal in term of developing the idea and use these idea for this essay. -use Australian English - The marking criteria must be strongly considered - Use APA references - 9 or more academic sources, you should include some books and Article. - Write (1650) word - You should use chart or diagram and you should put it in the appendix

Marketing StrategiesName:Institution: Introduction On a regular basis the successful business people take time to think and re-evaluate the strategies fit for the various models and businesses, with the sole reason of maximizing the profits.It is common that most of the ideas will revolve about redefining the market, the product or the company staff. New products developments and exploring other markets are some of the central ideas, which rock the board rooms (HYPERLINK "http://unbounce.com/author/renee-warren/" o "Posts by Renee Warren"Warren, 2013). These ideas can be overwhelming especially where the company is in dire need to make some changes that will see the company boost its profit margins. This is due to the fact that each of the options is riddled with its own set of challenges and risks that could mean losses for the company. As such, the company needs a strategic approach, which will help narrow down to the options that best fits the profits margins and balances out the strength, threats, opportunities and the weaknesses (Ashe, 2013).The Himalayas shampoo companyThe Himalaya drug company has a national and international reputation in the manufacture, marketing and distribution of products in the range of; personal care products, baby care products, pharmaceuticals and even animal health care products. The company is looking to venture into the Indian market, which in the last few years has proven to be very promising for the hair products businesses. Current statistics indicate that the marketwas worth between 15 and 18 US billion dollars in the year 2010 and is projected to rise to 33 US billion dollars by the year 2015. Himalayas has a set of new products that are developed from herbs and plans to introduce them to the Indian market. One of the main advantages the company is relying on is the fact that the Indianculture supports people looking after their appearance, especially the hair. This means that the Indian people are very conscious about how their body look and feel. Himalayas’majors in the herbal products, which in the Indian market are well received as most of the people tend to shun away from the synthetic hair products. This is not to say the company is going to have an easy ride reigning in on the market as there are other companies like the Unilever, which has introduced products such as the Nyle and the Meera. In a bid to conquer the market, Himalayas is focusing on the introduction of its products to the rural areas where similar products have not been introduced previously. The urban areas are much easier to conquer as most of the people are learned and have higher dispensable income. In the rural areas the people have less dispensable income and some of them are well not educated. This is calling on the company to devise proper strategies that will help introduce redefined packaging and advertisement campaigns that are aimed at introducing the products as well as educating the masses about the benefits...

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