Jul 17, 2017

The Dust Bowl

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The Dust Bowl


Write a 6-7 page paper in response to the assignment below. Remember to check the course Rubrics as well as to read the posted guidelines for writing a strong essay.

Imagine that it is 1937, and you own a 100-acre farm in Haskell County. You had been a prosperous farmer in the 1920s. Since the Dust Bowl began, you have barely hung on from year to year. This year, you must make a decision. You can keep going as you have been and, undoubtedly, lose your home and farm. You can leave it all and join the Exodusters heading for California to become farmer laborers. Or you can change the way you farm. Here, you have several possibilities: copy your Mennonite neighbors, or follow the advice of experts from the federal government. In this imaginary scenario, you been able to read Dust Bowl.

Write a long memo to yourself, to help you clarify your thinking and come to a decision. In this memo, consider all your possibilities and explain what they are and how each one would, in your imagination, work out for you. Explain your evaluations and decisions with reference to the information in Dust Bowl. Be sure to explain which choice you have made and explain this choice, again, with reference to information from Dust Bowl.


Students Name: Instructor: Date: THE DUST BOWL Introduction: The situation of dust storms is brought by both natural and manmade failure or doing it brings severe drought and damage to the ecology. When people overgraze or over plant the land, chance of the soil being left bare is very high hence when the wind blows it carries a lot of soil with it hence the term dust cloud. This hazard is best illustrates by T Brown & Don.  In their book The Great American Dust Bowl. , 2013. Print. In this age (1937) and era getting good produce will be difficult to get due to the new dust clowns that have affected the farming in the region. This hazard of nature has taken the rich soil from the farm and has given the wind the upper hand to destroy the farm in many ways. Livestock cannot get healthy grass to feed on, and the farming business is affected in a big way I can`t help myself but worry. Due to the recurrences of the dust storms on the 100 acre farms, I will need proper consideration methods that will contribute to improving the produce. Some of the farmers around have opted to move to other cities such as California, although it is hard for them to start all again from scratch, they find it easier to work for other farmers. This change isn`t an easy because, as a farmer, I will need to know if moving is the best decision for me or not. However, if I decide to stay, it will take a lot of sacrifices and learning on how to improve the farming techniques I need to ...

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