Jul 27, 2017

The Death of Languages

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The Death of Languages


Based on the 3 articles by David Crystal I uploaded and the movie, "The Linguists", discuss how different linguistic and cultural pressures lead to language endangerment and extinction. Be sure to include relevant examples from the readings and the movie. Conclude your assignment with possible solutions to the problem of language endangerment and why we should or should not save moribund languages. Remember this is not a summary of the articles, but a synthesis of what you learned.( 3 FULL pages, DOUBLE spaced,1” margins, 12 point font,Times New Roman)

The Death of LanguagesName:Institution: Although there are no accurate records that exist which can be used to estimate the number of languages that exists in the world, this due to the fact that most of the languages tend to be viewed as dialects from the same language, there is also the fact that some of the languages that are existent even today have not been documented given the nature of the locale and the minimal number of the people use them. It is estimated that there are over 6000 languages that exist the world over (National Geographic, 2013).One of the pressures that lead to the natural death of the languages is the fact that the spekers of the winning languages gain power and influence through platforms such as the economy or technology. The languages that are not so lucky start to decline in use and eventually they are forgotten. Today English is the most dominant language the world over given the level of dominance that the USA has amassed over the last four centuries. This was the case with Latin, which today is only used in the written form in the rarest of cases. The Latin language was also popular due the fact that Roman Empire had great influence. As such it is not that these languages that are dominant have elements that depict ‘beauty’ as I known about Italian or ‘authority’ as is known of German, it is simply due the influence that the speakers have in the world.The interaction of the dominant languages and the inferior ones has also played a role in the death of the latter. Where two or more languages interact they borrow vocabulary, as has been the case of English and some other languages such as French andItalian among others. To the inferior languages instead of adding new vocabulary, they replace the existing ones and eventually the grammar dies away. There ha...

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