Jul 24, 2017

The Burden of Men of War is not War

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The Burden of Men of War is not War


Skyline College Literature Essay Rubric with Explanations


Essay responds to the
assignment but fails to fulfill
some of the requirements.
Essay partially analyzes the

Essay includes very little
literary analysis or criticism.
Essay neglects to evaluate or
analyze literary theme(s) or

Operating as a controlling idea
for the essay, the thesis makes
an argument about the text(s)
but is simplistic and/or
formulaic (not a “complex

The sequence of ideas is
functional but may have
abrupt or illogical shifts.
Introduction attempts to
engage and orient the reader;
body paragraphs are focused
but lack cohesion and
argument; topics sentences do
not relate back to thesis.  The
essay is loosely unified around
an argument but there are
gaps in analysis and


1. Author needs to Create a very interesting tittle for this essay. 2.Read the Essay Rubric,Essay Prompt,and The things They carried by Farrell O`Gorman. 3.12 font, times new roman. 4. Listen to this hour and 13 minutes audio book of "The Things They Have Carried" by Tim O`Brien. This could be found in youtube here is the website youtube.com/watch?v=bVEVAUZvUqM 5.Choose only one of the essay prompt that you feel good to write. Make sure you check the essay rubric to adress the thesis. This is what my teacher use to grade us(very important to take care this issue and get an excellent grade on each category Please and Thank you Please tell my writer that I made mistakes. There shouldnt be no external sources besides Tim O`Brien and Farrell O` Gorman author. I made mistake and i clicked 2 external sources. Please cancel it, as I said there shouldn`t be external sources beside thouse two authors I just mentioned.Thank you so much.

Name:Instructor:Course:Date:The Burden of Men of War is not War‘The things they carried` by Tim O`Brien, an American author born in 1946 in Minnesota, is a collection of stories regarding experiences of American soldiers during the Vietnam War. The author uses this collection of short stories to articulate profoundly the truths regarding mental and physical difficulties that these men endured during and after the way from a personalized point of view. O`Brien (77) maintains, “To generalize about war is like generalizing about peace”. His style of writing surpasses the genre of other war literature and themes to touch on sensitive matters of emotions and traumas those American soldiers had to endure, while still maintaining a theme relevant today, despite the book being set in the 1960s. Truth be told, the burdens caused by war go beyond the actual battles, they involve feelings of hopelessness, fear, guilt, emotional insecurity and even love, to mention but a few.This unique piece of literature is not a book about war, as argued by O`Gorman and O`Brien himself (O`Gorman, 1). As far as combat and battle are concerned, the men of war are trained to sufficiently make good upon objectives set on them by their government and relevant authorities of the motherland. Still, Tim O`Brien`s ‘The things they carried` offers an unusual comprehension that war involves sides of experience that are completely aside from thoughts of actual battle. He indicates the day-to-day routines of American soldiers during the Vietnam War as inflicting some serious emotional burdens on the soldiers under question. He shares his views from a strong emotional and moving background. O`Brien is categorical to note that soldiers carried with them a range of things in their daily endeavors that added to their burdens. The book indicates that regardless of the role played by an individual soldier, they normally carried physical objects like cigarettes, Kool-Aid, dog tags and C-rations. Still, different soldiers carried different specific weapons (like the M-16 assault rifle, M-60 machine gun or M-79 grenade or rocket launchers) which weighed up to over 20 pounds. The radio operator for his platoon “Mitchell Sanders carried the PRC-25 radio, a killer, 26 pounds with its battery” (O`Brien 5). He lets his readers understand that the soldiers bore notable challenges of moving around with arms and equipments as physical burdens necessary for their mission and survival.However, the author is more concerned with the emotional burdens, which formed the true ‘weights` for these soldiers. They were mostly weighed down with the effects of the war on their mental wellbeing both at group and at personal level. Still, for purposes of establishing that ‘The things they Carried` is not about war, the author depicts that the soldiers carried of fear, trepidat...

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