Jul 27, 2017

The Beneficial Effect of Psychological Counseling

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The Beneficial Effect of Psychological Counseling


Write a paper of 1,500-2,000 words in which you: Analyze and appraise each article to support your problem, purpose, and solution. Group the analysis based on content of the article and the support for your project. This section should build and support your case, in the reader`s mind, of why your problem, purpose, and proposed solution are valid. Remember, you are building an argument to prove your case to do this project; this is not simply an article review. All based on the paper that was uploaded.

The Beneficial Effect of Psychological Counseling for Traumatic Event VictimsNameInstitution The Beneficial Effect of Psychological Counseling for Traumatic Event VictimsIntroductionOne of the cornerstone pillars of healthcare is to improve the quality of human life. In most cases, delivery of healthcare services ends with the doctor’s diagnosis of an illness and prescription of medicine. However, while this approach may be sufficient in treating mild symptoms and common infections, it may not be effective for severe and life-threatening cases. This is a problem in healthcare because although medical treatments may heal physical injuries, patients may have to endure emotional and mental pain for the rest of their lives. For instance, rape victims experience stigmatization which affects their emotional, cognitive, and social development (Edna, et al. 1991). Other examples involve accident victims who lose their limbs, prisoners of war, combatant soldiers and people who experience traumatic events (Helzer, et al., 1987). The common factor in all these cases is that the subjects usually experience post-traumatic stress (Bradley, et al., 2005). Consequently, they might find it difficult to adjust to new life situations or assume normal lives after treatments for physical injuries. Such patients may experience post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms like stress, depression, anxiety and other psychological disorders. In this regard, it is of high medical interest to explore the beneficial effect of psychological counseling for patients who experience traumatic events. The aim of the research study is to find out how well counseled trauma victims adjust to life after treatment of physical injuries compared to those who do not undergo psychological counseling. Research questionHow well do traumatic event victims who undergo psychological counseling adjust to life post-treatment compared to those who do not?Population of traumatic event victimsMany people always deal with post traumatic natures. For example, war victims, rape victims, to those wounded in car accidents. Research shows that these incidences though ignored and overlooked, may inspire distraught population. Due to human nature’s pliability, most do recover and go on with their lives. By taking minor steps, traumatized persons transform their lives to a life full of events and uncovering their personalities. Most of the population is characterized by fear, agitation, and depression that can disrupt the patient’s life. Up to 15% of Americans suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that reoccurs to the individuals inform of recollections, hallucinations, commemorations or frightening thoughts in the process of recovery. Though, this reoccurrence that remind them of their past trauma occurs when they are subjected to a similar circumstance that led to their trauma. Posttraumatic stress disorder is always diagnosed for the majority of the population when it has surpassed...

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