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Team work

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Team work


Dear writer, Kindly write distinctive 15 short article critiques, 200 words each. You have a free topic choice within the Teamwork field all taken from any business magazine which you will have to include as a reference (a reference per article). Part of the 200 words, 1- explain why was the article chosen in reference to Teamwork. 2- What are the learning points. Send each article and its reference separate than the other as they will be submitted separately to make a total of 15 articles, each one with a topic, a body of 200 words and a reference to the article taken from a business magazine. They must be distinctive from each other. NOTE: This order was requested earlier under order number 0024505, kindly ensure no duplication of articles Kindly dont hesitate asking for any further explanation. Thank you. Mohammad

TeamworkName:Institution:At the place of work, accomplishing meaningful results requires inputs from all the concerned parties. It is common to find people with different skills and education consolidated into team and allocated different duties. Teams that are managed professionally yield the best results in the time allocated and resources. As such, it is crucial to understand the various aspects of a team in order to be in position to forge the best delivery.Kokemuller, N. (2013). Components of Effective Teamwork. Retrieved from http://everydaylife.globalpost.com/components-effective-teamwork-6485.html.At the work place teams have become common and have been integrated into the work ethics as well. Ones ability to work in a team is also paramount and will even determine if one lands a job. This article has been included in the reviews as it incorporates the basic components of teamwork. These components play a vital role in the success of any team.One of the learning points in the article about the components of the teamwork is communication. Communication is the backbone of any organization and within the teamwork all the members should learn the basics of communicating properly and effectively. As such they should have the basics of when to communicate, how to and essentially what they can communicate. The article also highlights on the need for there being goals that are concrete and meaningful. This helps the members to stay motivated and focused at all times. The other element that comes out is that of team members understanding their roles in any of the projects that the team may be engaged in. the other component that comes off is that of team members’ interaction. As the projects continue the member interact with one another professionally and personally. As such all the team members must be ready to learn from their counterparts and resolve all the differences that may arise in the course of the interaction.Magloff, L. (2013). What Are the Benefits of Teamwork in Business. Retrieved from http://smallbusiness.chron.com/benefits-teamwork-business-3250.html.The idea of teamwork is incorporating different people with varying skills sets and educations backgrounds along with differing personalities on the same task force. Within any organization there are a myriad of projects that could be running at the same time and so are the number of functions incorporated. Different teams, as such, will be incorporated to handle the various tasks. Every team that is build has it own benefits and managers work towards maximizing the desired ones depending on the tasks at hand. However there are benefits that cut across all boards with reference to working as a team.One of the benefits that come out from the article is the ability of team work to boost the morale of the members. Every other team member has a role to play and a goal to achieve. The idea of contributing to the good of the team gives the various team members positive energy tha...

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