Jul 26, 2017

Streamline Healthcare

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Streamline Healthcare


Think about what you have learned with regard to the five critical steps of evidence-based practice. In a formal paper of 350- 500 words, address the following: Part 1 Identify and describe one topic that may resolve a patient-care-quality problem or issue. Draft a possible problem statement. Describe a problem. Explain why it is a problem, and why it is significant to your discipline; using the literature you gathered, as support for why this is a problem in relationship to your practice. The problem should focus on the resolution of an issue or problem significant to improving patient care. Draft a purpose statement in relationship to your problem statement that states what you hope to accomplish if you implemented this project. Part 2: Defining a Searchable, Answerable Question From what you wrote about your problem and purpose, write a question that will be the basis for your implementation plan. Word count is not relative in this section. The background should include your research question in a PICO format. Include evidence-based resources.

Streamline HealthcareNameCourse numberInstructor’s nameDateQuality of care is primarily defined in terms of its clinicians’ technical care delivery in a way that accommodates other relevant opinions by patients, their representatives and the wider society. For instance, the Healthcare Financing Administration (HFCA)’ releases are increasingly compelled by the need to heed to consumers’ interests (Lohr, Yordy, & Their, 1988). In delivering quality care, clinicians ensure that the patients receive it safely, effectively, promptly, equitably and in a patient centered fashion (Mitchell, 2008). Adequate and safe staffing of nurses is a protracted quality of care issue. Inadequate staffing has a direct correlation with high levels of mortality, and a general dissatisfaction with the healthcare system among consumers (Camphor, 2010). Shortage of nursing workforce is a pervasive quality of care issue that is facing healthcare across nations in the globe. Researchers have engaged in studies to determine how low levels of nursing workforce negatively impacts on patients’ health outcomes. Their studies have consistently established a positive correlation between the shortage and several negative outcomes. The results of their studies indicate higher prevalence of infections that affects urine tracts, pneumonia, many patients going into shock and higher leve...

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