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Starbucks Corporation SWOT Analysis STRO

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Starbucks Corporation SWOT Analysis STRO

Please write a 3-5 page paper with the following items: 1. Conduct a SWOT analysis of Starbucks - that is discuss the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and strengths of Starbucks today. 2. Based on your SWOT analysis, make some specific recommendations for Starbucks that they can use to remain competitive and profitable. Required Readings Here are some recent articles on Starbucks. The NY Times web page provides links to additional, recent Starbucks related articles. Anonymous, (2013). Starbucks Corporation. NY Times. Retrieved from: http://topics.nytimes.com/top/news/business/companies/starbucks_corporation/index.html Anonymous, (2013). Strong Earnings From Procter & Gamble and Starbucks Help Propel S&P 500 Index to 5-Year High. Yahoo Finance. Retrieved from: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/strong-earnings-procter-gamble-starbucks-132000921.html Berfield, S., (2012). Starbucks` food fight. Bloomberg Businessweek. Retrieved from: http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2012-06-12/starbucks-food-fight Here are some older readings on Starbucks from several years ago. They may help to provide some historical context in formulating your discussion from a strategy perspective. Helm, B. (2007). Saving Starbuck`s Soul: Chairman Howard Schultz is on a mission to take the company back to its roots! Oh, yeah-- he also wants to triple sales in five years. Business Week. New York: April 09, 2007, Issue 4029, p. 56. Retrieved from: http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/content/07_15/b4029070.htm Steverman, B. (2009). Is a Turnaround Brewing for Starbucks?. Business Week (Online) New York: Jul 22, 2009, retrieved at 07/20/2010 from: http://www.businessweek.com/investor/content/jul2009/pi20090722_611028.htm ALSO... don`t forget to check out Starbucks` web site at www.starbucks.com Optional Readings McRoskey, R. (2008). Starbucks: Big Investors` Divorce Grounds. Business Week. New York: August19, 2008. Retrieved at 07/20/2010, from: http://www.businessweek.com/investor/content/aug2008/pi20080818_372022.htm Helpful Hints: Please first read in-depth the Background Materials. Read both articles Analyze the current situation using the SWOT framework. Environment such as economy trends overall industry Competition (other players and newcomers) Strengths (company strength such as customer base, brand etc) Weaknesses (premium pricing, saturation, etc) Given the environment (threats and opportunities) and company (strengths and weaknesses) can S reach 23 B? Make the decision of Yes or No based on results of your analysis. Identify facts in the case that match concepts of strategic planning (vision, goals, strategies) and relate them. Apply these concepts to facts in the case in order to develop your arguments. Format: Introduction; Main Body: SWOT (each item a separate section), Discussion (Yes and how; or No and why); Conclusions Format In order to develop good business communication skills, it is recommended you write papers using the following structure, using headlines and titles. Introduction (road map, explain main issue and list and main points) Main Body: Develop each point in the Introduction, applying theory to facts, in subsections (one subsection per main point). In this case, there are 5 subsections: 1 per each SWOT factors and 1 for the discussion following the SWOT analysis! Conclusions: Summarize main paper points List of references. Citing your Sources: APA Style You may use the information found on the following links: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/ Other resources you may want to look at to assist you in writing college papers: This is an extensive guide to college writing from the University of Maryland. Pick specific chapters or browse the whole text! http://www.umuc.edu/ewc/onlineguide/chapter1/chapter1-01.shtml
Starbucks Corporation SWOT AnalysisNameUniversityDateSWOT analysis of Starbucks CorporationStarbucks Corporation is one of the world`s best premier retailer, marketer, and roaster of specialty coffee. The company operates about 20,000 coffeehouses in over 60 countries worldwide. Starbucks Corporation is the world`s number one brand coffeehouse chain (NY Times). The company prides itself in being one of the most outstanding consumer sector growth stories over the past few years. A SWOT analysis of the company discloses that Starbucks Corporation has a greater potential in both long and middle term (Yahoo Finance). This paper seeks to conduct a SWOT analysis of Starbucks Corporation and give recommendation on how to remain competitive in the market in spite of the growing stiff competition in the market.Starbucks Corporation has always remained at the peak of the market because of its strengths which give it a competitive advantage over its competitors. The following is the Starbucks Corporation SWOT analysis:Strengths * Starbucks Corporation is the world`s number one brand in the segment of coffeehouse: the company has one of the strongest brand standing images that is quality oriented and associated with excellent customer service. Starbucks Corporation coffee brand is ranked the most valuable, valued at $4 billion, in the segment of coffeehouse. * Sound financial status and records: the profitability of Starbucks Corporation has seen a trem...

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