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Text Book: The Norton Anthology Western Literature, Volume I, The Ancient World through the Renaissance, 8th Ed / ISBN# 0-393-92572-2 Response Essay In the response essay, I need the following items talk about: Universality, Hyperbole, Interpretation, Metaphors, Rhyme, Allusion, Different in author and speaker. Sonnet writing: Need a response essays on the following Sonnet writing. O you who hear within these scattered verses page #: 1903 It was the day the sun`s ray had turned pale page #: 1903 Whoso list to hunt page #: 1912 My galley charged with forgetfulness page #: 1912 The flee from me that sometime did me seek page #: 1913 My mistress` eyes are nothing like the sun page #: 1918 While His Lady Combs Her Hair (Italian) page #: 1918 New Princedoms Gained with Other Men`s Forces and through Fortune page #: 1949 Princely Virtues page #: 1951

Sonnet:Institution:Date:O you who hear within these scattered verses on page 1903, is a poem recounting the love that the writer once had in his youthful days. It explores the element of universality as it relates to feelings every other person has had in their youthful days as they explored the world of love. These are feelings that can be related with by majority of the people in all parts of the universe, with respect to love. By interpretation, love at a youthful age is quite exciting and hurtful at the same time. as one grows older they gain more experience in the affairs of the heart and when they look back at their youthful love experiences, they can only feel sorry for themselves and at the same time appreciate how much they have leant. The poem as such, builds its content on the allusion of love. Where the writer narrates how his youthful experiences have taught him a lot over the years. In an expression the writer refers to his youthful love experience as a fleeting dream, showing that it all came to pass.The love poem that is a sonnet on page 1903-It was the day the sun`s ray had turned pale; talks of a universal idea. Majority of the people can relate to the fact that at one time or the other in their lives love has left them feeling vulnerable. By interpretation, the poem talks of how love exploits the weaknesses of one’s compassionate feelings. When we open up to receive and give love, we expose ourselves to getting hurt. In this poem there is the element of hyperbole where, in the fourth last line the writer says that his heart is has become the halls and doors of tears. The hyperbole is used to bring the readers to the reality of love and the hurtful moments it causes despite the good feelings. There is also the element of rhyming in this poem although it is not that obvious. For example in the tenth and the eleventh lines of the poem there is the element of rhyming, where the writer uses the word eyes at the end of the tenth line and t...

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