You`ve been hired by a growing organization to perform systems consulting work.

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Disaster recovery/contingency plan

1. Security, Privacy, and Other AIS Issues
You`ve been hired by a growing organization to perform systems consulting work. The CEO has concerns about systems security and the impact of privacy considerations on the organization`s AIS. She is also interested in learning more about new and emerging AIS technologies that the organization should consider. You have been asked to provide a report on these areas. Your report will be used as a basis for planning and developing improvements to the AIS.

Prepare a paper to deliver your findings to the CEO. In your paper, include the following:

a. A disaster recovery/contingency plan that includes the following:
b. Identification and analysis of procedures to detect vulnerabilities and security threats (i.e., controls)
c. Identification and analysis of risks and risk mitigation measures, including plans for
i. Systems and data recovery
ii. Off-site data storage
iii. Business continuity
c. An analysis of the impacts of privacy considerations on AIS (i.e., HIPAA)

Use at least two academically peer-reviewed sources and/or your text author to support your work or your text authors. Be sure to properly cite any references used in your summary. Format the summary according to APA style.

peer-reviewed sources :

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