Jul 22, 2017

Youth Violence Prevention Project in Detroit

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Youth Violence Prevention Project in Detroit


Assignment Brief Under a new government initiative in your country, crime prevention agencies and workers have been invited to apply for funding to establish a violence prevention programme in specified neighbourhoods or communities. An annual grant of £125,000 (pounds sterling or your national currency equivalent) is on offer for an initial period of three years for programmes that are approved by the funding committee. Your assignment is to come up with a proposal that will attract this grant. You should: describe your chosen neighbourhood or community (which could be a geographic or social community), why they have particular needs to prevent violence, present relevant research (and reference it), indicate how you will spend the money, how the programme will link to and build on mainstream agency activities, how it might become sustainable in the longer term without project funding, how the programme will be managed, monitored and evaluated. In other words you should write a winning application of the type required by many government funding regimes and charitable foundations. However, as this is also an academically assessed piece of work, we will need referencing to all research and publications cited in support of your proposal. Your assignment should run to approximately 2,500 words. If you need to, you can add appendices over and above this word count. Your assignment should analyse the problems of the chosen location or community in relation to the various theories and research into personal safety, conflict resolution and violence prevention. Likewise, your proposed ¡§solutions¡¨ should be based on, and refer to, proven theories and empirical evaluation of successful practice elsewhere. You should reference the publications or sources where the evidence for these can be found. It is up to you how you choose to angle the programme; it could, for example, be a broad-based publicity and media campaign, an early intervention project to prevent the cycle of violence, an educational or behavioural programme, a harm-reduction network of refuges and supports, an advice and therapy centre, or any other effective initiative or combination of interventions. The figure of £125,000 annual funding is merely offered as a fairly realistic "ball-park" indicator for the size and ambition of the work you could achieve. Do not become too obsessed with detailed costings - this is not the primary intention of this assignment. You may also be able to "lever in" additional resources in cash or in kind as part of your initiative. Our assessment of your assignment will reflect not only its substantive content but also your ability to organise and present your data in a logical, coherent, analytical, well structured and grammatically sound manner.

Youth Violence Prevention Project in DetroitName:Institution: Abstract In the recent years, the rate of crime around the globe has increased. Most of the incidences that have been reported involve the youths in the society. While the aspect of youths turning to crime can be blamed on the social decay that has gripped the world over, all efforts need to be channeled towards assisting the youths. In America, most of the homicides are perpetrated by the youths in the total tally of the cases handled by the security agents. Some of the cases are not reported while others are not closed; this means that the figure could be even higher. Detroit is one of the cities in America that has borne the blunt of youth violence and gang crimes. What is of great importance is that most of the youths that are involved in crime, end up become seasoned criminals and terrorizing their communities. Most of the organized criminal gangs, started of as juvenile offenders, which is a shocking revelation. If the youths involved in violent activities are assisted, the future crimes could be much worse. This project will assess youths that have been recommended by health care services, schools and the correction facilities. The youths will be given personal training on ways to channel their energies to profitable ventures. Part of the program will involve personal control and financial training. The youths will then be assisted to develop financial projects that will generate money for them, their families and the society. Peer leaders will also be selected from the successful candidates to help with the continuous training of new entrants and those youths from previous programs that are not seasoned well enough.The initial project is expected to take one year from commencement. Introduction Youth violence is one of the aspects of the society which has contributed to a great majority of the violent acts experienced through time. Ideally, these are harmful behaviors that start at an early age in the life of the juveniles and may even continue to adulthood. In this case the youth may be the perpetrator, the victim or may be the witness to violent acts perpetrated to other persons young or old by juveniles. In most of the cases as previous research has indicated time and time again, the juveniles that are involved in the violent acts when they are young may at one point extrapolate their acts of violence to when they are old (http://www.apa.org, 2014). Most of the persons that have been convicted of acts of violence through the justice system almost always have a record of violence dating back to when they were young. Youth violence has been found to have some implications that are quite serious and tend to have some lifelong impacts on the involved persons’ social functions and psychology (Cdc.gov, 2014). At the same time there is an increase in the costs of health, welfare as well as costs of offering and sustaining criminal justice systems (Ncjrs.gov, 2014). The great...

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