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Write a report about “Exposure to ionizing radiation”

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Assignment: Select a physical hazard that is of interest to you. Based on your experience and literature research, focus on an occupation where an exposure to this physical agent might potentially occur. Consider the issues and questions below when selecting and developing your topic. The major focus of this assignment is on an occupational exposure; however, also include a description of the potential exposure to and protective measures for the general public. Refer to the specific requirements below (sufficiently address all of these to receive the maximum grade).

Description of proposal: Provide a brief overview of the physical agent, occupational exposure, and general public issues.

Select one of the physical agents covered in the course outline (noise, vibration, pressure, ionizing radiation, non-ionizing radiation, or temperature extremes) and address all of the following issues or questions:

1. In the United States, how prominent is worker exposure to this agent and which occupations (job titles) would most likely be at risk of exposure?

2. Select an occupation at high risk of exposure to the physical agent and describe the following:

a. Typical work operation(s) associated with the exposure

b. Workplace conditions that may affect worker exposure (e.g., fixed/variable worksites, worker skill level, availability of administrative, personal protective, or engineering controls)

c. Available personal protective, engineering, and/or administrative controls for the physical agent

3. Give an overview of the OSHA regulations, other governmental agency guidelines and/or consensus standards that protect workers from hazards caused by exposure to the physical agent:

a. Are the workplace regulations adequate? Why or why not?

b. Are there some worker populations that are better protected than others?

c. How can the OSHA regulations be improved?

d. Are the current consensus standards that address workplace hazards for this agent more comprehensive than the OSHA regulations?

4. Describe potential exposure to the general public (non-occupational) for the physical agent you have selected. You may select a product, tool, item, or appliance that contains a source of the hazard or produces/emits the energy that creates a potential hazard that would be likely to expose individuals/communities to the physical agent; or, you may select an environmental situation that would be likely to expose individuals/communities to the physical agent.

a. How are these potential hazards controlled?

b. Is further research needed to better identify and control the risks to the general population?

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