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Work Life Balance

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Work Life Balance


Becoming a college student means that you have a responsibility to apply knowledge to advance your field and to make the world a better place. Through practicing critical thinking skills, we learn not only to avoid being manipulated in our thinking, but to fully support and provide evidence for our ideas. Your Critical Thinking Journal, if you kept one, will help inform your final project.

Write an 8 page essay (not counting required title or reference page).


Begin the process of constructing your project by choosing a particular issue or problem. It could be related to your personal life or career path. The goal is then to align this problem or issue with a specific logic model. As you construct your essay, utilize critical thinking tools to evaluate your data and your credible research, interpret this data, and understand your specific problem or issue from a broader, deeper and more focused perspective. Accessing and implementing credible research.

Your paper must:

Cite at least 6 scholarly peer-reviewed sources that are not required or recommended readings for this course. You may include a credible website. 

Submit Portfolio Topic (worth 20 points toward final portfolio score)

Submit Portfolio Outline (worth 20 points toward final portfolio score)

Refer to the Portfolio Project grading rubric found in the Module 8 folder to understand how you will be graded.


Work Life Balance Name Subject: Date: Work Life Balance Introduction A story is told of a career husband who arrives home after a trip only for his son to turn to the man’s wife and say “Mummy, uncle has come to visit.” This may sound like a joke but it is real to thousands of families that struggle to balance between their jobs, parenting, and personal responsibilities. The issue of work life balance has taken attention of employers, researchers, executives, psychologists as well as a huge number of other professionals. People have only 24 hours in a day and must use the time to ensure they allocate enough time to all of their responsibilities and still have time to nature their personal growth and development. Devoid of striking balance, many mishaps may be encountered which may adversely affect a person’s development and wellbeing as well as others within their circle of influence. This paper will focus on work life balance, factors leading to loss of work life balance and measures that can mitigate such factors. Work life balance According to Chick and The American Society for Training and Development (2004), work-life balance refers to the ability of an individual to strike equilibrium between their professional work, their private, and other roles in life. Professional work would involve a person’s job, career, and ambitions. Private life would include areas like family, marriage, spiritual life, health, and other rel...

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