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Women in Professional Positions, Development in the Corporate World, Social and Economic Benefits

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Standardized Testing: Women in Professional Positions, Development in the Corporate World, Social and Economic Benefits


Additional guidelines:

  • It must be at least 8 pages long. Eight full pages—not including the works cited page—is the minimum length (2,400 words)
  • It must contain counter arguments, including concessions and refutations.
  • It must contain a works cited page if you cite outside sources
  • It must contain a minimum of two hard-copy sources (real books, magazines, journals, etc.)
  • Quotations, paraphrases, or summaries of outside sources require parenthetical cites.
  • A maximum of 30% of sources used can be from Internet sources. Database sources are exempt from this guideline.
  • Do not use encyclopedias or Wikipedia.com as sources
  • The paper must discuss secular topics only.
  • In addition to submitting a hard copy in class the day it is due, it must be submitted to turnitin.com to receive a grade.
  • Create an original title
  • Have approximately 300 words per page
  • Double spaced throughout
  • Font = 12 point, Times New Roman font, printed in black ink
  • Have standard margin settings
  • Have your last name and page number in the upper right corner of each page
  • Refer to LBB Ch. 56 for MLA formatting guidelines
  • Ensure that you make backup copies of this paper on at least one removable storage device.



Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Introduction The absence of women in professional positions has been an element that existed since the beginning of time due to their uneven statute. Their roles in different positions in the society is brought by them lacking cultural consensus which hence determines the period at which they can amplitude their qualities, and factor remains the main problem. Men have it all when it comes to executive positions in several corporate organizations and leadership in general (Hutchings, et.al 2010). The numerous positions that are men dominated in professional and leadership domains generally are far much greater and highly populated by this gender as compared to that of their feminine counterparts. Considering the disparities both at the national and international levels, the global workforce still remains gender-segregated with the progress in achieving gender equity still depicted as slow and uneven. Corporate professional roles and leadership opportunities have far been ascribed as befitting to men with statistics from several organizations indicating the fact that there are a considerably a number of men as compared to women in leadership and executive roles. According to Hutchings, et.al (2010), the variables between the number of women and men in professional and leadership roles has been identified to vary in different countries depending on the culture, religion and population demographics of these regions (p.64). This study therefor...

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