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Why/how did you choose this specific topic? What is you hypothesis

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Biology Exercise


follow what you write for me on the order 0035489 you already did one topic and you summary/abstract "Article"

so now I need 2 more summary/ abstract please I need it asap before 11pm and now 

its 4 pm.

includes the links .

Already choose an article and you summary it so I need 

2 more article from Nike and summary/abstract one page 

For each article .

I need the summary of two any articles based on the topic NIKE (see attached doc)

Please follow the instructions:

I need you to do research(abstract is a summary 2 pages) for me research on "Nike" choose 2 products and compare between those two products,and after that post the links of where you get the research. More info Down here...

Down here please follow the Instructions exactly what it says:

Abstract , Submission (Prof)

Your abstract is a summary of what you learned, in your own words, from a research study or professional publication. Structure your 1-2 page abstract as follows including these section headings:

INTRODUCTION - Why/how did you choose this specific topic? What is you hypothesis; do you agree or disagree with the claims made regarding your topic? Why? What is the importance of it`s application? Why would a reader/consumer be interested in this review?

METHODS - What is the research design of the article/study you reviewed? Who were the subjects? What was the sample size? What treatment did the subjects receive? What was the study duration? On what research instruments were the subjects rated? What was the setting (if relevant)?

RESULTS - Report the specific findings/outcomes. (often found in analysis, discussion, and /or results section of the original study)

CONCLUSIONS - What was the primary "take-home" message - what was the importance of the findings? What were the limitations of this study? What are the implications of this study?

RECOMMENDATIONS - What changes should be implemented as a result of this work? Suggestions for future research. Has you position regarding this research stayed the same or changed? Why?

Include the original article/study, URL or link.

The above questions for each section are a guide. In your literature review certain (of the above) questions may apply and others may not. You may develop other/additional questions to answer that will address other pertinent information.

Questions need to be answer:

1-How does the abstract content relate to class?

2-How does the abstract content impact/influence society?

3-In what way(s) does this topic relate to you? Be specific!

4-Do you agree or disagree with the position the reviewer took? Why?


Biology exercise Name Course Instructor Date Article 1 Introduction The Nikes Sports Research Lab (NSRL) is where scientists, engineers, and designers meet to carry out research on the development of Nikes innovative sports gears that centrally focus on the improving performances, biomechanics, and physiology. The scientists and engineers including the designers work together as a team to develop State-of –the-art sports equipments through a collection of data, analysis and insights that provide a foundation for the company’s innovative products (Nike Inc, 2013). This team developed two products that this study seeks to review. The products include the sports bras and the swimming goggles. Methods Research has established that women in the sports sector are


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