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Why you Chose to Come Back to Nursing School

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Why you Chose to Come Back to Nursing School


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the essay will analyze and evaluate personal beliefs, goals, and expectations including educational and professional outlook, business and personal encounters and career transformation 



Graduating from Jersey College School of Nursing will be rewarding. Financially I will be able to support my daughter through college and be a positive role model for her. Having my associate degree in nursing will encourage me to go further. I always wanted to be a Nursing Practitioner, so I plan to continue my education at the Masters Degree level. This will provide me the opportunity to fulfill my dream of setting up a health clinic in Ghana and practice nursing by myself. Nursing is a profession in which I will have an opportunity to help others and grow. 

My daughter looks up to me as her hero. The high cost of college tuition, books, and other miscellaneous expenses demands one to be financially sound to be able to go to college. My daughter was my motivation to have a career that is more rewarding financially and morally because I wanted to be a good role model for her. I also want to be able to support her through college. 

When in high school I was very good in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Looking into the medical field, I developed an interest in nursing following a deep administration for few aunties and cousins who are nurses in my family. Whiles teaching, there was a time that I have to go for an in-service training organized for teachers. During this training, a realization came to me that I have to move out of my immediate environment to somewhere else where I can make my dreams of becoming a nurse come through. I got involved with the American visa lottery program that was ongoing then. With luck on my side, I won the lottery and have the opportunity to travel to the United States of America. When I arrived in the US, I felt like it was a dream at first, but later realized that it was real. I started working first in a retail store as a sales representative. The little money I made from there, I used to pursue a Certified Nursing Assistant program. I was successful and upon completion I started working as a nurse’s aide. I did not relieve myself of working in the store. Whiles helping some customers out one day in the retail store, I saw a co-worker who is also a nurse’s aide in the Jersey College uniform. I ask about the school and she gave me every information that I needed to know in order to get into the school. I called the school, made an appointment, went through entrance exams and interview. Since then my co-worker has always been my guide. I studied with her and she helped me in any way she could, to see me through the program. 

I was not expecting nursing school to be an easy endeavor. The Licensed Practical Nursing program was very challenging for me. Having to commute from the Bronx to New Jersey Monday through Friday was exhausting. Working alongside schooling, yet I had to study to be able to pass my quizzes and test in other to be successful. There were moments when I was really stressed out and losing hope as a result of low test scores. My aunt was always there for me with words of encouragement. I am grateful that I have a good support system in my aunt and uncle. During my entire LPN program, they paid rent, gave me money, fed and clothed me. I could not have made it without their support. I was able to complete the LPN program in one year. I passed my exit exams and state board exams the first try. I started working one month after I received my license which enables me to acquire experience on the job. 

Nursing like any other career needs continuing professional development to keep up to date with developments in the field. The profession has seen the increasing use of technology from documentation to direct patient care. Therefore, as a young motivated nurse I intend to continue my education to a Nurse Practitioner level which is a Masters in Nursing. This will provide me the opportunity to fulfill my dream of setting up a health clinic in Ghana my home country and practice nursing by myself. This is what inspired me to enroll in the registered nursing program at Jersey College. I found the registered nursing program more challenging and exciting than the licensed practical nursing program. But looking at where I started from, I am focused and determined to finish up. After completing the registered nursing program, I would like to go for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing and then Masters in Nursing to help me attain my dream of becoming a Nurse Practitioner. 

Also as a nurse, I will be able to assist others both inside and outside the hospital. Mild emergencies may occur at a dinner party, or a friend may need me to briefly check on her ill mother at home. Nursing bestows me the privilege to apply my medical knowledge in any situation at any time, which, in turn, will continually sharpen my nursing skills. Not all occupations allow workers to apply the knowledge of their field outside of their employment place, such as a medical researcher, who must be at their research labs to apply their expertise and for others to comprehend their "research language." 

In conclusion, as an ambitious young man, I will be able to financially support my daughter in all her endeavors to become educated and successful. I will be able to return to Ghana, set up a health clinic and practice nursing by myself. Nursing as a profession will give the opportunity to help others and grow. 


Career in nursing has several advantages including personal satisfaction. Personally, having a career in nursing will give me financial freedom because I can leverage the knowledge and training in many several areas to uplift my life. I believe nursing career can give me many opportunities for jobs than any other career. The career is becoming more preferable for me, and so a bachelor’s degree is desirable because I will need to advance in my career later, where I will need to pursue my master’s degree in the field. I have always wanted to help people and serve my community; therefore, a career in nursing will offer me such an opportunity that I’ve always dreamt of. Besides, my mother will be proud of me because it has always been her dream to become a nurse, but her lack to get the chance during her time, she is determined to fulfilled her dreams through me. Owing to the costs involved in nursing, including college fees, books and other extra cost, it requires that one sets aside enough funds to be able to go to a nursing college. My mother


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