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why should I care about this?

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English 104 Research
and Argument

Final Project: The
Research Paper

Minimum length: at least 10 full pages.

Minimum number of
sources: 6 (at least 3 must come from library databases)

Thus far, this
semester you have evaluated our University and your generation. In a sense these
papers have been “all about you (or U?).” So, we continue this trend in your
final semester project which is also all about you, but this time within a much
larger context.

One of the major
complaints or accusations made about the millennial generation is the sense
that they “lack the kind of empathy that allows them to feel concerned for
others” (Stein 29). The perception is that they have become so self-centered
and isolated in their entitled upbringings and digital worlds that they do not
care about anything outside of themselves, including issues that affect their
community, if not the world. In this regard, the millennials share a similar
charge that was made against the Generation X’ers: apathy. For your final
project, your task is to not necessarily challenge this perception, but to
argue for a specific social cause that many, especially millennials, should
care about.

Whichever cause
you choose to focus on is up to you, so long as it is a debatable issue that
affects millennials and the larger community as a whole. This project should be
applying the principles of rhetorical analysis that we have gone over thus far,
which means that you need to be making an argument. This analysis will operate
on two levels: the argument that millennials should care about the issue and
the argument(s) within the issue itself. Imagine your millennial reader asking,
‘why should I care about this?’ This is where ethos, pathos and logos, as well
as deductive or inductive reasoning applies. Explore the debates within the
issue itself and make an argument for a particular position. Use anecdotes to
illustrate the debate. Utilize either the Toulmin or Rogerian style of
argument. Identify logical fallacies in your counter-arguments and explain why
they are fallacies. Demonstrate your proficiency of what we went over this
semester because this is the standard by which your final work will be

Research Requirements:

For this project,
you must have at least six (6)
outside resources. At least three
(3) of these sources must come from the library databases. The rest can come
from the databases or from whatever other sources you deem academically
relevant. You may use essays from the textbook as one or all three of these
non-database sources. If you decide to
use online websites, make sure you cite them correctly, both parenthetically
and on the Works Cited/References page. Paraphrase carefully! Go in fear of
paraphrased plagiarism.

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