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Why Prostitution Should be Legalized in the US

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Why Prostitution Should be Legalized in the US


For your final essay I want you to take an informed and argumentative position involving a different topic or idea different from your previous paper. The topic or idea you select must be one that provokes opposing points of view and must be at the level of an academic argument. You should attempt to reveal what is significant about the topic/idea you choose that gives it credibility; that is, what is or was significant about your topic/idea and, if applicable, what are important consequences or possible future outcomes of the idea? Your topic/idea could involve issues covered in our readings.

Pick one of the 3 following approaches:

1. Determine that you have an idea/topic that lends itself to an argumentative approach, i.e., an idea over which people hold differing views.

Research various viewpoints and determine your stand on the idea/topic. Avoid ideas that leave you feeling neutral or ambivalent.

Develop an effective thesis that describes the idea and asserts your position. 

Briefly (no more than 100-200 words) summarize the idea and then argue your position. Support your argument with evidence (facts, quotations, and statistics) that lend weight to your position

You must include counter arguments. You must include counter arguments (concessions and refutations). Making certain concessions to opposing positions demonstrate you are a person of good character with a moral sense of fair play. 

Closely examine the primary arguments on both sides of the idea for elements of ethos, pathos, and logos. Engage the topic or idea in a critical manner by assessing opposing writers’ claims, evidence, assumptions, language and tone, reasonableness, appeals, and fallacies. Can you locate these elements? What are they? What are their effects? Do they weaken or strengthen opposing writers’ positions?

More importantly, please be creative and unique in your analysis and evaluation; in other words, do not state the obvious or write a report.

Remember to also develop unified and cohesive paragraphs that utilize factual, historical and/or personal examples to illustrate and explain your points. Also, use transition words to facilitate the flow of ideas. In your conclusion, you may also choose to utilize rational, emotional or ethical appeals.

Finally, remember to use highly effective and purposeful sentences that demonstrate a diverse variety of thoughts (i.e., simple, compound, complex and compound/complex sentences

Additional guidelines:

• It must be at least 6 pages long. 6 full pages—not including the works cited page—is the minimum length 

• It must contain counter arguments, including concessions and refutations.

• It must contain a works cited page if you cite outside sources

• It must contain a minimum of 1 hard-copy sources (real books, magazines, journals, etc.)

• Quotations, paraphrases, or summaries of outside sources require parenthetical cites.

• A maximum of 25% of sources used can be from Internet sources. Database sources are exempt from this guideline.

• Do not use encyclopedias or Wikipedia.com as sources

• The paper must discuss secular topics only.

• In addition to submitting a hard copy in class the day it is due, it must be submitted to turnitin.com to receive a grade.

• Create an original title

• Double spaced throughout

• Font = 12 point, Times New Roman font, printed in black ink

• Have standard margin settings

• Have your last name and page number in the upper right corner of each page


Why prostitution should be legalized in the U.S Name: Instructor: Institution: Date: It is a well-documented fact that prostitution is the oldest profession in the world. A point to be noted here is the word ‘profession.` It has been commercially exploited for the longest period, longer than even the long distance and trans-oceanic trade of antiquity. It has been a practice that has been there for as long as it can be recalled. Most religious books have at least an account of it. Prostitutes, in these case women, have used their bodies to sustain themselves economically. Presently, there is a raging debate over whether prostitution should be legalized or not. Some countries, such as Singapore, have legalized prostitution.In the United States; some states such as Nevada have also done the same. However, much of the other states still have their reservations about the legalization of the trade. This, therefore, continues fueling the already raging debate over it. Prostitution should be legalized due to some reasons that in general, would be beneficial to the whole country as it’s going to be seen in subsequent discussions. First is its economic value. Prostitution is a commercial venture. It is an economic activity, a booming business for that matter. There are more people engaging in the business that statistics can capture. The local and national government earn revenue from the taxation of businesses. The taxes help in the development ...

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