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Why Men/Women Still Can`t Have It All?, Womens Status In Higher Education

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Gender Inequality: Why Men/Women Still Can`t Have It All?, Womens Status In Higher Education


the writer can use 6 to 10 resource but let him or her add those 4 attached reference articles to my essay as a must and these 4 articles must be annotated. I need 1,300 for both the annotated bibliography and proposal combined. and the rest for the essay 10 pages, including bibloigraphy. we need to inform the writer to start with bibiography first, then follow to complete an essay this essay is a research and you can use 1 to 7 resources or even more , I would like you to use this articles first because there are in my text book. (1) "Why men still can`t have it all", by Richard Dorment. (2)"Why women still can`t have it all." by ANNE-MARIE SLAUGHTER. (3) "Dig Deep: Beyond Learn In", By Bell Hooks. ( 4) " Learn In " What Would You Do If You Weren`t Afraid? by SHERYL SANDBERG. please I need ten pages paper excluding the work cites. For more information see my instructor guide line . I also have two articles so please I need my writers email or else where I can send. this is the instruction that my instructor gave us. Researched Academic Argument Throughout this unit you have read articles dealing with current issues in American society: Gender Inequality, Technology, Food, The American Dream, and t he Rising C ost of College . Like the articles you read, choose an aspect of one of these topics to argue. For example, you may feel strongly t hat American consumers s h ould be morally conscious eaters . Perhaps you feel that college is worth the investment , despite the chosen major , because of the overall earnings of a college graduate over his/ her lifet ime. Maybe you’ll argue that human communication is evolving due to technology but that it isn ’ t necessarily a change for the worst . The angle you choose is up to you, but you must use strong supporti ng evidence to support your claim. Assignment: Compose a persuasive researched argument on a topic of interest related to our course themes . Make sure you read the assignment prompt very carefully to ensure you meet the minimum requirements of the assignment. This paper must:  Have an Intro duction : Your introduction will introduce readers to the topic, give its significance, and share (via the thesis statement) what will be proven about it. This should be a minimum of a half of a page and a maximum of one page. Remember that this should cont ain a thesis statement that will focus the paper (it should be the point you want to make/your argument).  Have Thorough, Well - Developed Body Paragraphs : Refer to your proposal and the supporting points outlined there . Remember that well - developed, well - sup ported arguments are essential to getting your audience to agree with you.  Synthesize the Information You Find : In the body of your paper you will need to show how your sources interact with each other as well as how they relate to your ideas. How do the s ources work together to prove your point? Use your skills honed in the last essay.  Be Persuasive : The goal of this paper is to persuade the audience rather than be strictly informational.  Have a Conclusion : This must wrap up your argu ment and not introduce any new topics.  Have Appropriate Documentation : Cite all the resources used in your paper where you use them via in - text citations, and cite them fully on the works cited page.  Have Good Grammar/Punctuation/Style/Writing Skills : Chapter 13 in the textbook provides assistance with adding style to an argument. While evidence will support your claim, style helps engage the reader. Length and Research: 2,400 - 3,000 words , excluding the works cited page. You will use 6 - 10 sources, of which at least half m ust be scholarly in nature (I recommend using journal articles) . Th e other half can include articles from the textbook. Points: The research paper is worth 300 point s of your final grade. Due Date: Proposal and Annotated Bibliography due ____________________ at your conference Research Presentation due _______________ Final draft for grading due at the time/date of our final exam. Like any other final exam, you mus t be present to submit your final (late assignments will not be accepted) . Proposal and Annotated Bibliography A proposal can help you to begin formulating a claim and finding a structure . An annotated bibliography will help you organize your research and find where it fits in your overall argument. Proposal Assignment: Write a proposal for your researched academic argument. In this proposal you will begin determining what type of argument you are writing: definitional, evaluative, proposal, or a combination of one or more rhetorical method. Despite varying rheto rical approaches, all proposals should include the following: 1. Formulation of a claim: In this section of your proposal you should identify the problem/issue and explain why it is worthy of discussion and what is at stake. Include an examination of audience . Who would you like to reach with this argument? 2. Evidence for the claim : In this section you need to discuss your reasons or supporting points for the claim. You may include brief references to research you will use to support each reason. You may also in clude a discussion of anticipated counter arguments and how you will address them in your essay. Section 2 should be the longest section of your proposal. 3. Description of the rhetorical method: You have written an evaluation arguments, bu t you are not limited to that rhetorical strategy . You may write a proposal argument with a call to action, a causal argument, or choose a combination of two or more arguments. Choosing a style will help you organize your essay. Annotated Bibliography Assignment: Compose an annotated bibliography for at least four sources you intend to use in your research paper. For each source, you will first write a works cited entry followed by a 150 word annotation describing the source’s argument and its usefulne ss in your essay. You can find a sample annotated bibliography entry on the Purdue OWL website: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/614/03/ Length: Together the proposal and annotated bibliography should total 1,300 - 1,600 words in length , e ach part comprising half the word count minimum . Research and Documentation Style: Your sources for the bibliography must be scholarly in nature . Your proposal and bibliography must be written in MLA style including in - text citations and a works cited page. Points: The Proposal and Annotated Bibliography are worth 100 point s of your final grade. 10 pages, including bibloigraphy. we need to inform the writer to start with bibiography first, then follow to complete an essay


Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Gender Equality `Why Men Still Can`t Have It All`. 1st ed. 2015. Print. In a time when the work life balance debate has found some very supportive arguments, one of the main topics of discussion is geared towards what men are going through in the cultural and social shifts within the 20st century. According to the article, men no longer have the luxury of letting their wives take care of the household chores while they are busy working. Relative to the fact that more women than men are now getting bachelor’s degrees at the rate of 60% compared to men (`Why Men Still Can`t Have It All`). There has also been a shift in the amount of money that women in the twenties without children are making compared to men of their peers. However there is still a gap in the number of women that are gracing the high ranking jobs and positions in the private and public sector compared to the men. The article further brings to light the fact, that men are today putting in more ours that their fathers and grandfathers used to put in towards their housework, regardless of their number of hours at work. Part of the reason that more men are taking on more house chores is because they want to be much closer to their children, while the other reason relates to the fact that, there are radical social shifts taking place in the society, where women want men to take up more responsibility at home. This article thus fits in well with the central premis...

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