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Why is it Important to Recover American History?

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Why is it Important to Recover American History?


Prompt from my Instructor:

In Malcolm X`s essay "Learning to Read" he writes about teaching himself to read later in life, and he also learns the power of the written word. Throughout his essay, he makes a number comments concerning the recovering of African American history and the history of people of color.

In a well organized essay, explain why is it important to recover American history through the perspective of people of color? Use Malcolm`s X`s essay to support your point of view. You may have to use outside sources in your explanation. Be sure to cite all your sources in your separate Work`s Cited page.

Essay Format Guidelines:

1). Minimum 3 full pages in Length.

2). The essay should have an introduction with the thesis statement (your topic and opinion) as the last sentence of your introduction, several body paragraphs and a conclusion, using MLA format.

3). Each paragraph should have a topic sentence and support from texts, observations, and/ or personal experience. 

4). Include a Work`s Cited Page

5). Times New Roman Font

6). 1 inch margins all around.

Notes from me the Student:

My primary source must be from my English class book which is called "50 Essays: A Portable Anthology", Fourth Edition, by Samuel Cohen. Here is the ISBN 1-4576-3899-1

In fact, Malcolm X`s essay "Learning to Read" is located in pages 273 to page 282 of the "50 Essays: A Portable Anthology", Fourth Edition, by Samuel Cohen 


Name Institution Course Date Racism has gradually tried to exempt some people from the face of the world by: denying them equal opportunities with other races, reducing their self-esteem and even real executions. Malcolm X tried to influence black man through his speeches not to allow the white man to define the history, goals and their methods of life. As long as the black man lets the white man to define him, he relinquishes power to the white man. The current study tries to evaluate the need for recovering the American history for the sake of making the environment suitable for all human races irrespective of skin color or culture. No longer is the American black man a “Negro,” lacking a shared history or culture. By retaking the realms of names and definitions, this study seeks to explai


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