Jul 21, 2017

Why does Dr. Hans Rosling oppose the use of the term "Developing World?"

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Dependency theory vs Development data


As you watch this film Hans Rosling Talks at the State Department jot down answers to the following: 1. Why does Dr. Hans Rosling oppose the use of the term "Developing World?" According to his data what separate components or blocs of nations or regions are bundled together in the term "Developing World?" 2. What are some of the amazing changes that he has documented as occuring in developing world over past 100 years or so" 3. What role has the United States played in these changes? 4. In looking at AIDS/HIV infection in Africa what does Rosling identify as the main cause of epidemic rates of AIDS/HIV infection found in some African nations while most other African nations have maintained much lower rates of infection? 5. What barriers prevent full convergence between economies and health standards of the developed nations and the "developing world?"

DEPENDENCY THEORY VS DEVELOPMENT DATAName:Institution:Task:Tutor:Date:Idea on developing worldEven though developing world holds a lot of potential for growth and economic prosperity, it is opposed by Rosling because there is no equal platform for comparing different countries. Roslings (2013) identifies that unless there is a common point of reference, it is wrong to refer to some countries as developing. He further notes that some of the countries that are referred as developing have significantly improved in terms of developments. The rate at which these countries are improving in comparison with how the United States developed in the same period is high. Therefore, he is of the opinion that the countries should be referred to as middle income economies. The components that are used to describe countries as developing include Gross Domestic Product (GDP), growth rate, life span, mortality rate and average income in the population. The countries which have low growth rates, life span, GDP and average income fall under the category of developing countries. In addition, those countries with high mortality rates also fall under the same category. Changes that have taken place in developing world in the last 100 years Developing countries have over the past 100 years changed in terms of their life span, GDP and mortality rates. In addition, the countries have also improved in the average income in the population. This has been attributed to changes in lifestyle where there are more chances of accessibility to health centers. Literacy levels have also progressively improved, making people understand the best approaches to productive lives. It has also been no...

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