Aug 15, 2017

Why do you think a community is or is not at risk for such acts of violence?

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In this Assignment, you are to examine the definition of domestic terrorism and consider each of its components. Why do you think a community is or is not at risk for such acts of violence? What preventive measures could you recommend to improve the safety of your community? Is preventing domestic terrorism through environmental design (e.g., TSA, metal detectors, building border walls, CCTV) sufficient to deter would-be assassins? What are ramifications of implementing heightened security measures? Review one of the public mass murder cases. How might that particular incident been prevented or at least minimized?

You will address the sociological impact of domestic terrorism.
To prepare
• Analyze the definition and components of domestic terrorism from the below references.
• Research the below case from the headlines (within the last 2 years) where there was some sort of mass violence.
• Ft. Hood shooting
Case: Ft. Hood: Nidal M. Hasan
On November 5, 2009, Major Nidal Malik Hasan, 39, an American-born Muslim of Palestinian descent and a U.S. Army psychiatrist, entered Fort Hood, the largest army base in the United States, near Killeen, Texas, and shot 43 military personnel at a medical clinic, killing 13 of them. Hasan was shot by a female civilian army police officer and remains paralyzed from his wounds. He is viewed by many, but not all, as an example of a person radicalized by Islamic jihadists to act as a lone wolf and carry out attacks on American soil. Since the 9/11 attack that killed approximately 3,000 people, the United States has significantly upgraded its domestic terrorism resources in order to identify and neutralize radicals such as Hasan who want to inflict harm on American citizens.
• Do a mini literature search on the topic (2–3 articles).
To complete:
Respond to the following:
• Answer the following questions:
• Based on your research, do you think that your selected topic was a case of domestic terrorism? Support your answer with evidence.
• What is the sociological impact of domestic terrorism?
• Explain using evidence.

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