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Why did you pick this topic? Smoking cessation

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Smoking Cessation


Informative essay First person Proper MLA format: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/01/ This is an informative essay The essay is double spaced. There is a heading in the upper left with your name, course information, and date. Paragraphs are indented. The Works Cited page is at the end of the paper. It too, is double spaced, with a hang indent, where the second line of each citation is indented.

Why did you pick this topic? Smoking cessation
What do I already know about it?  
What is my goal in acquiring new information through my research? 
What information will I want to share with my reader?

NameProfessorSubjectDateSmoking CessationQuitting smoking might be regarded by tobacco addicts as one of the hardest thing to accomplish in life. Although smokers are fully aware of the health hazards that smoking causes to their health, it is never an easy task to quit. As a result, proponents of smoking cessation, who endeavor to help the young adults to quit smoking at a younger age, are using tobacco control initiatives to help young adults to be aware of the dangers of smoking. This is necessary because if they young adults can avoid smoking at a tender age, they are likely to avoid serious health problems associated with cigarette smoking. This essay will seek to discuss reasons why people smoke, why they can not quit, and what are the dangers of smoking. It will also highlight the alternatives of smoking cessation.Studies have pointed out that in 1980s and 1990s, more old smokers than young adult smokers were successful in quitting smoking in the 1980s and 1990s (Messer et al., 88). According to Messer et al. the rates of successful smoking kept increasing over the years, across all age groups. However, in 1990s there was an inherent increase in smoking cessation among young adults, especially in states with high cigarette prices. California had a comprehensive tobacco control program in the entire state, and it experienced the higher success in comparison with other states (Messer et al. 317).Despite the apparent personal, health, environmental and psychological problems associated with smoking, many people are still addicted to tobacco. People smoke in order to alleviate stress. Majority of the working people hold perceptions that a puff of nicotine can help them reduce their stress levels, and present them with a feeling of relieve from their routines. To them, cigarette provides a condition that prepares their bodies to deal with depression, anxiety or stress. In addition, people learn to smoke from their peers. If a person spends much of his time his smoking peers, he/she is most likely to conform to his/her peers’ lifestyle. Although many people have knowledge of the dangers associated with smoking, they fear to be odd ones out...

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