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Why are we so concerned about Internet privacy?

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Discussion Board: Business Ethics


Another dimension of information privacy is the challenge of protecting consumer information in the face of technology able to track credit and debit card purchases and Internet browsing.

Why are we so concerned about Internet privacy? For example, if I purchase a book on home repairs, Amazon subsequently sends me advertisements for the equivalent of a small home improvement library. Then I start getting pop-up ads, direct mail, even phone calls from companies that market home-improvement products. Why should we be upset about this?

    In considering this question, do some research (citations, please) and give some thought to just what is meant by the privacy concept and how it is interpreted or applied in some organizations. What are the deontological and utilitarian implications of these practices?



    Business Ethics Institution Date The use of modern technology equipments in business organizations has developed controversial issues on monitoring of the employees. While employers are engaged in evaluating the activeness and strength of their clients in online marketing, this behavior is termed as violation of their privacy. In fact, employees and clients alike are worried about the intensive invasion of their privacy matters th


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