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Why are the baby boomers so important?

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devry hosp310 week 1 discussion dq 1
& dq 2 latest 2016 may

dq 1

Boomer Demand (graded)

Why are the baby boomers so important? What impact do you see them
having on the hospitality industry in the next few years? In the longer-term
future? Please refer to Chapter Two as you participate in this

Tip for Beginning the Discussion: Of course, you can draw from your own
experience or your homework for the week, but a good way to begin discussing
this question is to answer the first question and then come back a day later.
As the week progresses, we will move into other issues raised by the rest of
the class and I.

dq 2

Diversity and Change (graded)

How do such trends as the changing diversity of the U.S.
population, two-income families, changes in family structure, and changing
income distribution effect the Hospitality industry? Please refer to Chapter
Two, pp. 40-46 primarily, as you participate in this graded TDA. Of course, you
may also draw upon web sites, your homework assignment, and your own personal
experience in this discussion throughout the week.

devry hosp310 week 2 discussion dq 1
& dq 2 latest 2016 may

dq 1

vs. High-Check Restaurants (graded)

How do midscale restaurants differ from high-check average restaurants?
What new and interesting trends have you noticed in food service over the last
couple of years?

dq 2

Franchising Pros & Cons (graded)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of QSR franchising from
the perspective of the franchisor? Let’s discuss the pros and cons of franchise
operations from both sides of the table – franchisee and franchisor.

devry hosp310 week 3 discussion dq 1
& dq 2 latest 2016 may

dq 1

Chains (graded)

Discuss the competitive practices of grocery chain stores in your
area. How have these businesses begun to engage in competitive practices that
are now affecting all of the food service operations in your community?

dq 2


Explain how technology helps hospitality businesses to know more
about different customer segments. Gradually, at your instructor’s direction,
move into a discussion of how technology is also helping hospitality operations
to perform more efficiently in the Front-of-the-House and in the
Back-of-the-House areas of operation.

devry hosp310 week 4 discussion dq 1
& dq 2 latest 2016 may

dq 1

in Small Communities (graded)

The local community lodging industry with its two or three
property types makes for an interesting discussion. (1) What types of properties
are present in your community, and how have they evolved? (2) How does each
meet guest needs? (3) What kind of technology do they apply to serve guest
needs?Begin by answering question (1) as a group, and then move into questions
(2) and (3) later in the week at the direction of your instructor.

dq 2

& Pleasure Travelers (graded)

Business and pleasure travelers are the bread and butter of most
hotel’s occupancy rates. After reading about these types of travelers in pp.
285-287 of your text, begin this discussion by describing how you think the
hotel industry can best serve the needs of business travelers. Later in the
week, at your instructor’s direction, begin to discuss how the hotel best
serves the needs of the pleasure traveler. By the end of the week, each class
member should be able to summarize this discussion by providing a list of the
ways each segment requires similar and different guest services.

devry hosp310 week 5 discussion dq 1
& dq 2 latest 2016 may

dq 1

Internet (graded)

Thoughtfully discuss the advantages and disadvantages provided to
hotels by the Internet. For starters, discuss how the Internet affects the
traditional role of travel agents. Then, your instructor will guide you into a
discussion about how the Internet has become a competitor of all hospitality
operations in ways that are provoking more and better promotional planning on
the part of all hospitality businesses.

dq 2

Forces (graded)

Let’s discuss the various competitive forces in the hospitality
industry, especially in the lodging industry. Let’s begin with the fragmented
 How is the lodging industry perceived to be a fragmented

devry hosp310 week 6 discussion dq 1
& dq 2 latest 2016 may

dq 1

Tourism (graded)

Travel and tourism historically have been on the rise. What are
some of the factors that have caused the increase in tourism? How about during
the economic downturn?

dq 2

Wellness & Leisure (graded)

Recreation, wellness, and leisure activities are as old as society
itself. However, a society that can afford to play on the scale that North
Americans do is new. Let’s begin this discussion by explaining the planned play
environment of theme parks. What are they, and why do people frequent them?

devry hosp310 week 7 discussion dq 1
& dq 2 latest 2016 may

Service as Intangible (graded)

Hospitality service is made up
of transactions that are numerous, diverse, and often private. In a dining
room, for instance, each interaction between a food server and a guest is
usually just between the two of them, or at most, between the server and the
guest’s party at that table. How do you, as a manager, prepare and train a food
server to know both how to anticipate and to meet the guest’s expectations for
excellent service?

Dq 2

Creating Service
Cultures (graded)

Creating Service Cultures (graded)

A company’s culture can be defined as a shared
meaning held by members that distinguishes the organization from other
organizations. This system is, on closer examination, a set of key
characteristics that the organization values.

Visit the website for the Ritz Carlton Hotel
Company (.ritzcarlton.com/home.asp”>www.ritzcarlton.com/home.asp) and
begin to discuss how the saying “Putting on the Ritz” has
evolved to mean creating a service culture of sheer excellence for guests who
frequent these hotels.

devry hosp310 week 2 Quiz latest 2016 may

devry hosp310 week 2 Quiz
latest 2016 may

1. Question
: TCO 2: As far as tourism, who
are the biggest spenders?

Consumers whose standard of living threshold
has been passed ( : pg 22)

Consumers whose standard of living has still
to move upward

Consumers whose standard of living are below
the standard level

None listed

Question 2. Question
: TCO 4: Having a recession:

will increase tourism

will hurt tourism

will strengthen tourism

will do nothing to tourism

Question 3. Question
: TCO 6: Point of sale (POS):

Computerized version of the old cash register

Interfaces with back of the house and
ordering operations

Can aid inventory control management

All of
the above (page 81)

Question 4. Question
: TCO 12: The outlook of food

See and do new things

Relax/get rid of stress

Have others wait on me

People are less willing to spend time cooking
their own food. (page 67)

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