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who routinely engage in evidence based practice that includes accessing scientific literature, those who would like to do so

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Innovation to Improve Adherence


Innovation requires collaboration. Collaborators on an innovation project need to have diverse

backgrounds and view the problem from multiple perspectives. This activity ensures that

students have chosen appropriate collaborators early in the process of preparing their innovation

project proposal.

Depending on the project, collaborators may include people

v  who routinely engage in evidence based practice that includes accessing scientific literature, those who would like to do so, or those who do not

v  who can influence the widespread adoption of mobile information technology (clinicalleaders, preceptors, administrators, technicians)

v  whose health care is affected by the adoption of mobile information technology

v  who would understand the technical, social, or ethical issues inherent in widespread use

of the app in the workplace

Students must interview three people for this assignment. The interviews may be conducted in a

variety of ways (from formal to informal) and in settings comfortable for both interviewer and

interviewee (typically face-to-face, but phone or video chat might be appropriate in some

instances). Students should include the following in their interview portfolio.

  • A brief description of the mobile app the student has chosen and how s/he envisions use

of the app would address a problem  (Implementation of mobile web app (Glucose Buddy) for medication reminder and health education to increase treatment adherence among Hispanic women with type II diabetes)


  • Questions that will prompt the interviewee to provide opinions on the role of mobile information technology in evidence based practice
  • technical information about the use of mobile information technology in the


  • social, ethical, or financial costs of using mobile information technology in the


  • advice on resources to use during the development of the innovation project


The portfolio should have three sections: an explanation of who was chosen and why;  (a summary of what the interviewees said; and a discussion of what the student learned during this activity that will be helpful in completing the innovation project. The portfolio should be written in APA style, including the tone and use of language discussed in the APA manual.


Innovation to improve adherence Student: Professor: Course title: Date: Innovation to improve adherence Apps have become ever-present in several facets of people’s lives over the last 5 years. This is largely fueled by the extensive availability of smartphones and tablet computers. At present, there are thousands of medical, wellness, and health apps that one can download to Android or Apple devices from online stores (Kannisto, Koivunen & Valimaki, 2014). Exploiting the potential power of applications for health care is now a crucial point of innovation, especially those applications that could be utilized by patients or consumers as part of their prevention, wellness, or treatment regimens (IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics, 2013). For this research, a mobile web application, Glucose Buddy, is implemented for medication reminder and heath education in order to increase treatment adherence amongst Hispanic women who have type II diabetes mellitus (T2DM). Glucose Buddy is a new and innovative mobile app designed to be used by people with T2DM as well as their healthcare providers. The user will receive daily short text messages to remind them about taking their drugs, and educational information pertaining to T2DM and the importance of adhering to treatment regimen. People chosen for the interview Nurse practitioner: the selected nurse practitioner for this interview is called Mrs. Keysha Adamson, a registered nurse practitioner with an exper...

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