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Who last saw or spoke with the victim?

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Homicide Investigation


The majority of homicide investigations involve a victim and offender who know each other. Because of this relationship aspect, an essential starting point in the investigation is learning as much about the victim as possible. This is done in order to create a suspect pool as well as some type of orderly sequence of how the investigation will proceed. Even in instances when the offender is readily identifiable, background information on the victim may assist investigators in strengthening motive or refuting a suspect`s alibi. The purpose of this project is to construct a victimology, or victim background investigation, aimed at establishing information regarding the victim`s lifestyle , associates, etc. Outline all sources of information--people, records, and files, etc.--that would be used to gain as much information about the victim as possible. Some key points that should be addressed include, but are not limited to

Who last saw or spoke with the victim?

Did the victim have any enemies?

How was the victim employed?

information regarding the victim`s lifestyle (drugs usage, gambling, infidelity, etc.)

Information regarding the state of the victim`s domestic/significant relationship?

Outline in great detail the sources you would contact and the files and records you would analyze in order to access this information including how far you would go in developing new sources of information. Be creative and thorough!!


Victimology: Homicide Investigation Name Institution Introduction Homicide investigations are quite challenging and very complex (Carter, 2013). Nevertheless, some agencies have been very successful in executing their homicide investigations. This is only achievable when the investigating officers investigate the case in a competent way; that is known what should be proved and how to prove it (Assi, n. d). Success in investigation mission may have a moral significance to the officers who carry out the investigations because the victim and the society at large rely on them to execute justice. In homicide cases, the suspect’s identity is easily determined or known when the crime is being reported. As such, the major task of the investigators is to review reports, document files, locate and interview victims and many investigations are done without expecting to develop any lead but to satisfy the expectations of the victims (Braga et al, 2011). This essay is aimed at constructing a victimology aimed at establishing information regarding a homicide victim. A man was found dead and his body damped in a bush. The report was made by a man who was passing on a path in the bush. The investigative offers sta


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