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Which of the following ratios has fallen as a result of Moore’s Law?

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saint GBA327 module 3 exam 1 latest 2016 june

1. Question :

You are looking to buy a home that costs less
than $700,000, but your real estate agent keeps sending you fliers for homes
that cost $1,000,000 or more. This information is likely to be useless because
it is:




not reliable.

Question 2. Question :

The ________ component of the five-component
framework of an information system includes individuals who maintain the data
and support the networks of computers.





Question 3. Question :

Which of the following is a low-tech
information system?

An inventory tracking system that produces
reports every 24 hours

A file of email addresses stored in an email

A customer support system that keeps track of
product issues

A decision support system that analyzes
multiple variables

Question 4. Question :

Which of the following pairs of components
constitutes the human side of information systems?

Software and procedures

Software and people

People and procedures

Hardware and people

Question 5. Question :

Which of the following best describes data?

Information presented in a meaningful context

Processed information

Recorded facts or figures

Knowledge derived from facts or figures

Question 6. Question :

Graham & Hilda Corp. is a firm that
offers enterprise software solutions to independent retailers. The firm recently
entered into a contract with a major national retail chain to develop and
implement proprietary software that tracks inventory, restocking, and supplier
information. Which of the following actions will be most difficult to perform
when implementing the new information system?

Upgrading the computer systems used by the
retail chain

Writing the programs to create the software

Changing the structure of existing databases
that reflect supplier and customer data

Training the employees to use and manage the
new system

Question 7. Question :

Drudgen Fitness Inc. is a fitness equipment
provider that markets its products through a chain of retail outlets in four
states. As part of its expansion strategy, the company decides to open outlets
in four more states and decides to revise its existing business processes.
According to the five-component model of information systems, which of the
following processes will be the least disruptive to the organization?

Collecting demographic data from the new

Developing new CRM software for the existing
and new outlets

Relocating existing employees and hiring new

Buying and installing new computers in the
new outlets

Question 8. Question :

Which of the following ratios has fallen as a
result of Moore’s Law?





Question 9. Question :

A retail company sells products such as
agricultural produce and consumer products. The company procures materials from
farmers and local producers. This process of obtaining the inputs needed for a
business is called:

inbound logistics.


internal marketing.

Question 10. Question :

Focused differentiation occurs when:

a better product is provided within an
industry segment.

there is limited competition in an industry.

the customers are highly price-sensitive.

product quality improves across an entire

Question 11. Question :

According to Porter’s five forces model, in
which of the following situations would a supplier have the highest bargaining

A Houston-based vendor is the only supplier
of a patented material for many smartphone manufacturers

A fashion brand’s outlet catering to a niche

A restaurant that serves only army veterans

A large retailer buying finished goods from
many small suppliers

Question 12. Question :

The difference between the total value added
and the total costs incurred is called the ________ of the value chain.

actual value

total margin

total revenue

gross turnover

Question 13. Question :

Which of the following value chain activities
involves inducing buyers to purchase a product and providing a means for them
to do so?

Inbound logistics


Sales and marketing

Outbound logistics

Question 14. Question :

Bargaining power of customers is likely to be
the highest for markets involving:

limited edition apparel.

industrial products.

patented drugs.

vintage cars.

Question 15. Question :

Focused cost leadership is observed when a
product has the lowest cost:

within an industry segment.

across the product range offered by a

within an industry.

within the supply chain of a company.

Question 16. Question :

FunText is a company that owns an app used
for text messaging. It recently offered a membership extension of six months
without any additional charges to its existing customers who had registered for
a three-year membership. By doing this, which competitive strategy did FunText

Creation of a new service

Product differentiation

Locking in customers

Locking in suppliers

Question 17. Question :

________ is used to install and update
software, backup, and restore mobile devices, wipe employer software and data
from devices, report usage, and provide other mobile device management data.

MDM software

A key logger

BYOD manager

A UX application

Question 18. Question :

Which of the following statements is true of
native applications?

They only run on the operating system for
which they are programmed.

The cost of native applications is low.

They can be developed by less skilled,
lesser-paid employees.

The limits on these applications are usually
technological, not budget.

Question 19. Question :

Which of the following memory devices is
volatile in nature?

Magnetic disk


Hard drive

Optical disk

Question 20. Question :

Machine code:

is understandable by humans.

cannot be modified by humans.

is written by humans.

cannot be processed by computers.

Question 21. Question :

Which of the following is an example of
vertical-market application software?

Inventory tracking software for an automobile

Tax preparation software that individuals use
in their personal computers

Adobe suite used by graphic designers

Microsoft PowerPoint used to create

Question 22. Question :

Thin-client applications are developed using:





Question 23. Question :

________ occurs when users move their
activities, especially long-running transactions, across devices.

Cloud computing

Key logging



Question 24. Question :

With ________, a computer, such as a desktop
or portable computer, hosts several different operating systems.

PC virtualization

parallel computing

cloud computing


Question 25. Question :

________ are the final judges as to what data
the database should contain and how the records in that database should be
related to one another.


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