Aug 10, 2017

Which do you think tend to be the most effective and why?

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Training Methods

The current class is Employee Training and Development: training methods. Which do you think tend to be the most effective and why? Which do you think tend to be most ineffective and why? The paper must use APA style as outlined in the approved APA style guide. The paper should utilize at least two academic references. I`ve included the training methods described and the reference for these references to include in the paper. Training Methods Include: Presentation Methods- methods in which trainees are passive recipients of information. This information may include facts, processes, and problem-solving methods. Lec- tures and audiovisual techniques are presentation methods. (Noe , 2010) Hands-on Methods are training methods that require the trainee to be actively involved in learning. These methods include on-the-job training, simulations, case studies, business games, role plays, and behavior modeling. These methods are ideal for developing specific skills, understanding how skills and behaviors can be transferred to the job, experiencing all aspects of completing a task, or dealing with interpersonal issues that arise on the job. (Noe, 2010) Group Building Methods- training methods designed to improve team or group effectiveness. Training is directed at improving the trainees skills as well as team effectiveness. In group building methods, trainees share ideas and experiences, build group identity, understand the dynamics of interpersonal relationships, and get to know their own strengths and weaknesses and those of their co-workers. (Noe, 2010) Reference: Noe, R. (2010). Employee Training and Development, Fifth Edition. New York: McGraw-Hill Irwin.
TRAINING METHODS Student`s Name Name of Lecturer Name of Institution Introduction Training is the method of acquiring knowledge and skills in order to achieve competencies in a given field. There are special goals for training which are aimed at improving a person`s capability and performance in a given field. There are various types of training that are suited for different environment. The choice of a training method depends on the people being trained and the goal of the training process. Training can also be referred to as professional development especially for people who are professionals in various fields. This is due to the fact that training helps in the development of a particular career...

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