Aug 03, 2017

Where is it grown? What technology is used?

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Modern rice cultivation in the United States

comments on(if any): Where is it grown? What technology is used? What types of rice are grown? Do not use dictionaries, Wikipedia, or encyclopedias
MODERN RICE CULTIVATION IN THE UNITED STATESName:University:Course:Tutor:Date:IntroductionThe rice culture in America started in Carolinas as well as Georgia and is now the country`s ancient agribusiness. When the civil war ended, its cultivation moved to the west at Louisiana (Nicholas, 2012). Modern rice cultivation in America is now centered at Arkansas, Mississippi, California and Texas through the use of varying cultural producing practices. Modern rice farming in America is carried in such a way that it maximizes profits at the lowest cost possible.The Nitrogen fertilizer is required adequately in the maximization of the rice fields. The fertilizer will be applicable on dry seed producing systems for dry soils before the permanent flood establishing. Urea has been the most popular Nitrogen fertilizer due to its functioning and the low costs. The recommended Nitrogen fertilizers will be applicable on flood conditions (Craig, 2011). The farmers understand that the soil conditions as they exist in the natural form will not be able to support the rice production. The idea of applying fertilizers helps in ensuring that the produce will be of the highest volumes. Fertilizer injections will be useful in providing the required soil nutrients that will support the rice life. The amount of fertilizers applied will need to be regulated in such a way they are not over applied. Nitrogen fertilizers that have been applied in excess can result in unwanted wilting causing further losses to the farmers.Fertilizers usage is normally regulated so that the flood conditions will not wash away the amount of nutrients that are present in the substance. The application will be deep to the soils so that the washing away effect of the flood water will not tamper with the nutrient level that exists within the fertilizers (Christian, 2011). The farmers have been educated on the best strategies of using the fertilizers on the soil conditions for the maximization of the expected outputs. Other forms of fertilizers may be useful but it has been important that the proportion of fertilizers used in the rice fields will not affect the good quality of the soil conditions. Fertilizer use does however not guarantee the best outputs because other farming practices will be useful in the best farming techni...

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