Aug 04, 2017

When Is It Rape?

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Reading Process

English 1301 22 February 2013 (each page, including page 1, should have (Redmond 1) (Redmond 2) (Redmond 3) in top right corner of perspective page. Please follow the information on the English Essay Rubric and Implementing Effective reading Strategies. I am a avid reader and I love reading about current events moreso than friction. Additionally, I use a yellow highlighter extensively throuhout my reading to help with final analysis or reviewing. please address the questions on page 69 and 70. please send a draft version 2-3 days prior to final WILL EMAIL SOURCE MATERIAL!! In speaking to my Professor, I found that the assignment is such: A 3 page double spaced essay about Implementing Effective Reading Strategies. I have sent you 3 pages of general material. However, this particular essay should be used and reference in the essay. the title is "When Is It Rape? It as well as a model. No cover page is need, however the first page should include the title (example 12` ariel double spaced.// Last name and page at top right hand of EACH page, starting with first page//drop down and start the four lines below. (first four lines on page 1 only) and please include and center title. The first page should have my name, and the other three lines just as it appears below.
Janell Redmond English 1301 Sharon Prince 22 February 2013Implementing Effective Reading StrategiesBeing an avid reader, I cannot miss any available opportunity to read. Thus, setting personal targets in reading has always been a top priority, and in most cases I accomplish this. The urge to develop reading skills facilitates easier comprehension throughout the reading process. One of the strategies that enhance reading is the use of highlights and underlines (Kirszner & Mandell 15). This strategy facilitates future referencing to the text, essay and other written materials. In addition, it helps to lay emphasis on the main points and makes it easy to review written material. However, the extensive use of highlighting has inadvertently led to overlooking other strategies including brackets, asterisks, sticker notes, marginal notes among others. There is also a need to improve on use of annotations because some of the approaches are applicable to specific subjects such as biology or history books and not in others such as the essays. Thus, a review of the essay “when is it rape?” by Nancy Gibbs sought to improve on my reading strategies including use of sticky notes, marginal notes underlining, brackets and asterisks. Reading the essay and other written works was essential as this facilitated class discussions and helped to improve on annotation. So as to do this, it was necessary to make an overview analysis of the essay “when is it rape?” Whereby the author looks into instances where rape would be considered a criminal offense. There are occasions where the judges and public are not in agreement on what manner of sexual contact is rape or forced sex between friends. Before the actual reading of the text it was vital to choose the strategies most appropriate among them being underlining, highlighting, use of sticky note, marginal notes and the overview of the text. Cons...

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