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What’s Your Position?

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Guns On Campus: What`s Your Position?


What’s Your Position?

For your fourth essay, you will argue for your stance on a controversial issue and support your ideas with academic research. Your topic options are below, and are related to essays from the textbook that we will read for this unit:

Name one place that you think guns should be banned or allowed, and argue your stance. (See "Guns on Campus" in the textbook)

Should some forms of hate speech or threats be outlawed, or is all speech protected by the first ammendment? (See "Putting up with Hate" in the textbook)

Should employers be allowed to discriminate against job applicants based on tattoos and/ or piercings? (See "Judging by the Cover" in the textbbok)

You must use the relevant article from our textbook as one source; the rest of your research for this essay must come from GALILEO databases, which we will go over in class.

Pages 286-303 in your textbook provide information about writing an argumentative essay. Your thesis should make a focused argument about your topic. Each body paragraph will develop a point in support of your thesis and/ or address the opposition. Support will come in the form of facts, statistics, personal testimony, informed opinions, and/or your own opinions or experiences. Remember that a strong argument establishes your credibility and appeals to both emotion and logic. 

Your audience for this essay is the opposition. Write as if you are trying to convince people who disagree with you. You must balance confidence in your own assertions with respect for people who believe differently. 

The key features of an argument paper include:

a clear and arguable position

good reasons

convincing, logical support for each reason

appeal to readers’ values

a trustworthy tone

careful consideration of other positions

The requirements: 

Your essay must be at least 1000 words (that’s about 3 pages).

It should be double spaced, with an MLA-style header.

You must use a minimum of 3 articles; one from the book and two from GALILEO databases. I recommend either Opposing Viewpoints or Academic Search Complete. If you have trouble finding sources, see me or a reference librarian for help.

Your sources must be cited in MLA format in-text, and you must include a Works Cited page that documents your sources using MLA format.


Name Instructor Course Date Introduction As a result of the violence crimes that have been witnessed in Campuses in America, many pro-gun activists have emerged with ideologies that suggest the students and their teachers should carry concealed weapons on Campus. Those who agree with this claim allege that their rights on allowing college students in campuses to carry any form of weapon have been thwarted. Allowing guns in campuses may be the leading cause of other incidences that would affect the course of learning in these institutions (Guns on Campus, 2011). Considering the perspectives of these ideologies, it is not the carrying of guns that is an issue, but rather whether guns should be allowed in campuses. Under the provision of the constitution of the United States of America, citizens have the right to carry weapons. However, is it essential to determine that it is not appropriate to carry firearms in vulnerable areas such as learning institution. It is in this case critical that the right to carry firearms should be held sacred and not be infringed. Because of the incidences that threatened the security of students, close to 19 state un


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