Jul 22, 2017

What were some of the methods Southern states used to evade the provisions of the 14 th Amendment?

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The Battle for Civil Rights


Also, critical thinking and intelligent use of the primary source documents in support of your thesis is important. Answer these questions: 1. What were some of the methods Southern states used to evade the provisions of the 14 th Amendment? Discuss the influence of both “legal” and extra-legal means employed. While the general arc of the anticipated essay will be from 1876 to 1964, you could, as part of your essay consider the status of African-Americans in the 21st Century within the context of your conclusion. 2. Over the course of time, how did Afro-Americans seek to assert their rights? How did they take their causes to the court of public opinion as well as courts of law? Can you see a relationship between African-American men fighting in World War II and the Civil Rights successes of the 1950s and 1960s? 3. Explore the reasons why the process of granting Afro-Americans full legal civil rights took a century.

The Battle for Civil RightsNameInstitutionCourseInstructorDate Question 1It started in the 1860s, where in 1866 source of life grew roots towards acquisition of civil rights by the Afro Americans. It led to the 14th amendment, which had several provisions to all the residents of the United States. By 1857, the Supreme Court had stated that black Americans were not true citizens and could not be pledged full right as the white. Contrary, the amendment provided protection endorsing particular limitations. In the first place, it offered citizenship to any person born in the country whether white or black. It enhanced representation at the congress and any other governmental institution. It offered participation of every citizen to state affairs only if they are loyal to the country. The amendment focused on immunity to every citizen towards the debts of the state. Finally, the congress would enforce the provisions of the amendment. Contrary, racism persistent and they could not enjoy these benefits. Consequently, they embraced particular approaches for instance; they could immigrate to their neighboring states to seek for the rights. Abolition leaders criticized the weaknesses ...

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