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what ways were the ideas of these men similar, particularly about the nature and purpose of government?

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Political philosophy (Locke and Hobbes)


The contrasting ideas of Hobbes and Locke are commonly examined in political theory. In what ways were the ideas of these men similar, particularly about the nature and purpose of government? Question 2 of 2 Compare and contrast the tenets of Just War Theory from the perspectives of Christendom during the times of Augustine and the Muslim world of al-Farabi. Assess the relevance of both worldviews in relation to the modern world. I expect an A on this

Political PhilosophyBy Name:Course code+ Name:Professor:Institution:City and State:Date:Political philosophyPolitical philosophy has greatly been revolutionized and explained in the works of the two renowned philosophers Hobbes and Locke. Both of them have different views on the political world. They share common ideas in some aspects as evidenced in their views on nature and purpose of government. The political philosophy tries to explain whether a government is important or people should be left to rule their own world. The philosophers explain the use of natural law to maintain order. The state of nature is simply stated as the period that existed before the establishment of the government, a concept common between the arguments of the two philosophers. They try to distinguish whether man should be left at the state of sole freedom or should be ruled by sovereignty. As such, they tend to make their view different from each other’s despite the predominant similarities that exist between their concepts. To understand the similarities that exist in their ideologies, a closer look their individual views on the law of nature and purpose of government are focused upon. The two studies are often contrasted although they still have similarities if studied at an advanced point of view.[Jean Bethke Elshtain, Just War Theory, 1st ed. (New York: New York University Press, 2009).] [Ibid] By deducing information from the Leviathan literature and the earlier works of this philosopher, John Hobbes explained his views on the state of nature also called ‘the natural condition of mankind.` He argued that all humans are naturally equal in terms of body and mind. As such, no human being is at any point different from the other in a way. From this equity everyone is, therefore, willing to fight against one another so that they can be respected and be feared by their counterparties. He explains that everyone will fight hard to earn the respect and fear from others. T...

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