Jul 15, 2017

What type of electrolyte imbalance does Mr. Appel have?

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Assignment: Hypokalemia


 Answer the two questions: need 2 paragraphs,find the answer in the documents I sent it to you from the book.

Mr. Appel has severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

He is admitted to the hospital with a respiratory infection and increased dyspnea; yellow, purulent sputum; anxiety; and diaphoresis.

He states he feels weak and tired. He routinely takes a diuretic (furosemide) and his pulmonary medications. The following laboratory values are obtained:

Arterial blood gases: pH 7.25; PaO2 60 mmHg; PaCO2 78 mmHg; HCO3 34 mEq/l

Serum sodium (Na+) 140 mEq/L

Serum potassium (K+) 2.0 mEq/L

Serum chloride (Cl) 105 mEq/L

a.       What type of electrolyte imbalance does Mr. Appel have?

b.      Interpret his ABGs. What does each value tell you about his situation?


Write your posting in one paragraph (Paragraphs will be 4 to 7 sentences in length. Sentences are complete, well sequenced, communicate ideas well, are grammatically appropriate, and free of spelling errors)



Please include your APA source. 


Topic week 3 assignment ***UPDATED**** Name; Institutional Affiliation; Date; Hypokalemia According to the symptoms displayed in Mr., Apples case, it is clear that he is suffering from hypokalemia. This disease develops in the event that the serum potassium concentrations in an individual fall below 3.5 mEq/L (Celik, Karakus, Zeren, Demir, Bayarogullari, Duru, 2012). The less serum potassium levels depict a loss in the body potassium levels, a factor that causes th


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