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What should Ben ask and/or expect from Sandra?

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Coaching and mentoring

Case Study Paper. Ben has just been promoted to his first management position. Ben is a little concerned about how the management position and his skills will match. Never having been a manager before, Ben feels a tremendous need for growth and development in the role. Yet, he has to land on the ground running since he is already in the role, not leaving much time for learning. Ben has a great deal of respect for his previous manager, Sandra. One day over coffee, Ben and Sandra discussed Ben`s new role as manager. During the conversation Ben asked Sandra if she would mind acting as a coach and mentor for him as he began the role of manager. Ben pointed out to Sandra that, while the basics certainly were in place, he anticipated that problems and issues would arise from time to time for which he would need advice and counsel. Neither Ben nor Sandra has been in a coaching and mentoring relationship before. Sandra was a little concerned as to whether she would be competent in providing insight and guidance to Ben. She was a lot a little concerned as to how the relationship should be established and what the characteristics should be that defined the coaching relationship. Sandra left lunch with Ben wondering what her first steps should be. Assignment 1. Reflect on Ben`s situation. Think about Sandra`s, position and the contribution that she might be able to make to Ben. 2. Write a seven (7)-page paper. The first page should be the title page and the last page should be for references. Follow APA 6th Edition format. 3. In your paper, respond to the following questions: a. What should Ben ask and/or expect from Sandra? b. What are the basic elements of the coaching/mentoring relationship? c. Should the coaching relationship be narrowly defined, or should it be open, available to all issues and circumstances? d. Explain the pros and cons of a written versus verbal coaching relationship. e. In Ben and Sandra`s circumstances, what are the clear outcomes that can be defined as a result of their coaching relationship? 2. In your paper, discuss the elements of a coaching contract for Ben and Sandra. Grading Rubric 1. Answered all questions--25 2. Seven (7) pages in length--2 3. Adhered to APA Guidelines--3 All projects are due by midnight PDT on the date assigned. Failure to adhere to this schedule will result in a deduction for every day the assignment is late. For 30-point projects, ten (10) points will be deducted and for 5-point projects, two (2) points will be deducted. All submissions must be in APA 6th Edition formatting and points will be deducted for APA errors. Each project has an assigned page length. Points will be deducted for failure to adhere to the stated page length. Each project has a scoring rubric for your guidance.
Coaching and mentoringSchool NameStudent NameCoaching and mentoringIntroductionCoaching and mentoring are processes that help individuals to develop their career in a particular direction. It is can also be defined as the support given to individuals in their career growth and development both for long term and short term. Usually coaching and mentoring is being administered by an experienced professional or expert in a particular field. The coaching and mentoring program helps individuals to get new ideas on how to carry out their daily job operations and duties. The individuals under coaching and mentoring program will learn new ideas on how to manage their jobs.Case studyBen has jut been promoted to a management position in a company. He has never been in a management position before. Ben confronted Sandra, her predecessor to offer him with advice and counseling on his new role. In the coaching relationship Ben would like Sandra to give him some specific management tips regarding his new role.Answer to question aIn the process of getting management advice from Sandra regarding his new role, Ben has to ask some questions to Sandra. Some of the questions that Ben should seek from Sandra based on her experience on the job are discussed below.The requirements of the new roleIn order for Ben to successfully manage his new management role, he would like to know from Sandra, her predecessor what is required from him. Management position of any level has some requirement which must be fulfilled by individuals to be successful in their management roles. The requirements must be fulfilled by the respective managers to ensure the smooth running of the organization. Sandra in response will be expected to give Ben the basic requirement of a good manager.Behavior and conductManagement positions will require a good management of the self behavior and conduct. Managers should set the example of good behavior to other fellow employees. They should respect their job and obey all the rules and regulations of the company. Managers should be disciplined, honest and time conscious. A good manger should be respectful to the employees and should be readily available to listen to them.Decision makingThe important issue in any managerial position is decision making process. Managers of all organizations are required to make decisions regarding some issues. The decision made by the managers will be crucial in the operations of the organization. The decisions made by managers can determine the success or failure of a company. Bad decision making can result into the failure of the company while good decisions will always result to the success of the company (Leatherman, 2008). Hence decision making will determine the success or failure of a manager. Managers should make good decision based on extensive research and consultations. In making of decisions there should be wide consultations on the issues from various people within the organization.Delegation of dutiesAs a man...

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