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What services are required to be provided under IDEA, including response to intervention services?

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Parent Conference Scenario


Preparing for a Parent Conference

You are one of the special education teachers at your school. You recently attended an individual education program (IEP) meeting for one of your students and wrote the following memo to the school principal:


To: Mr. Norris

From: C. Mesquirm

Re: IEP Meeting for A. Student

Date: Oct. X, 20XX

The purpose of the IEP meeting was to discuss adjusting services and adding afternoon tutoring for a student with specific learning disabilities. 

Meeting attendees included the varying exceptionalities liaison and case manager, the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) team leader, the compliance educational diagnostician, two exceptional student education academic educational diagnosticians, two general education teachers, the special education teacher, a special education paraprofessional, the student, and the student’s parents.

The IEP meeting began with the normal introductions and statement of the meeting’s purpose: to discuss the preliminary policy implementation process. Present levels of performance and previously attained goals and objectives were discussed and revised.

Parents felt their child’s needs were not being met because their child could not fully understand the assignments. In order for their child to receive passing grades in all classes, the parents spent hours every evening helping their child complete homework. Parents did not believe that hours of homework assistance was their responsibility. Parents believed tutoring services should be provided after school and possibly at home under IDEA guidelines to meet their child’s educational needs to achieve goals and objectives and to pass all high school courses. 

The group discussed which services were already being provided under IDEA and which services were not required for the student’s success. The discussion resulted in a heated response from the parents, with inappropriate language directed toward district personnel and a threat of consulting lawyers.

Brainstorm answers to the following questions:

• What services are required to be provided under IDEA, including response to intervention services? 

• What steps could have been taken before and during the meeting to be proactive and prevent the parents from developing a negative state of mind?

• When the IEP meeting turned negative, what actions should have been taken by the district personnel?

• After a negative meeting such as this, what next steps should be taken?

Write your suggestions in a 350- to 700-word paper.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines


CHILDREN WITH DISABILITY Student: Professor: Course title: Date: Abstract Although the Individuals with Disabilities Act stipulates that help be given to the individuals with disability, some parents expect too much to be done by teachers and overlook the part they are supposed to play in order to ensure that the child with disability achieves the highest grades he/she is capable of achieving. In this paper the reactions of parents of a child with autism in a meeting to discuss the issues of the child are analyzed in view of what the Individual with Disability Act stipulates and the expectations of the parents. The Individuals with Disability Act The Individuals with Disabilities Act stipulates that the individual with disability is entitled to appropriate school which satisfactorily meets his/her needs. It als


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