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What role do the media play in Presidential politics?

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All the President`s Men


Directions: The film All the President’s Men on youtube shows one example of the sometimes controversial relationship between the President and the media. After viewing the film, write an essay that discusses the relationship between the President and the media. What role do the media play in Presidential politics? What role should the media play? Are the media and the president on the same side or is the relationship adversarial? Does this relationship vary? must use these 2 books as sources as well as the youtube video Pika, Joseph A. and John Anthony Maltese. 2014 . The Politics of the Presidency , Revised 8 th ed . Thousand Oaks, CA: CQ Press .  Ellis, Richard J. and Michael Nelson. 2015. Debating the Presidency: Conflicting Perspectives on the American Executive, 3 rd ed. Thousand Oaks, CA: CQ Press. o 12 point Times New Roman Font o 1” Margins o Double-Spaced o In-Text Citations o Works Cited Page A Good Essay Will Include A Discussion of: o Information and Examples from the Movie o Information and Examples from the Textbook o Outside Information

All the president’s menInsert name Institution name Due date The incident in which the two reporters (Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward) of the Washington post aired the Watergate story was amazing. They did not break the law, though it appeared certain. The two reporters sailed around it and even exposed others to be at risk of danger. Their media exposure led to the fall of President Richard Nixon. Although, the two reporters risked their lives and jobs, they did not lie to the public. This film describes how the two reporters broke down and investigated the story of the Watergate scandal (1972-175). The story became the experience in which many American citizens recall these vital events in the history of United States. The media converge exposed the scandal events in which president Richard Nixon and his coconspirators (his men) attempted to undermine the U.S constitution including the democratic process. The movies accurately show the role of media reporters contributed by attending their work to expose criminal actions of executive government officials. The media reporters exposed Watergate scandal to Americans who never knew such hidden secret like that was taking place at their back. The media exposed dirty tricks of President Richard Nixon the 37th president U.S. Through the works of the two reporters, they exposed that President Richard Nixon, in 1970s, started acting like he was above the law to make certain that he wins reelection during 1972. The president and his top aides approved unlawful campaign tactics. They tried...

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