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What primary and secondary color type are you?

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Post PSS301 Color Q Results and Evaluation
Assignment latest 2015

This week you will write your formal analysis of your Color Q
self-assessment results. I will look for the following information:

  • What primary and
    secondary color type are you?
  • Do you agree
    with the results? (Expand on what you posted on the discussion board).
  • Explain why you
    agree or disagree with the results. Be specific. If you don’t agree, what
    “colors” do think you actually are?
  • Briefly provide
    an analysis of how you work with others. Consider your professional
    experiences and provide an honest analysis of your strengths and
    weaknesses in the workplace.
  • In light of your
    analysis and what you have read in the text, what is your ideal
    environment for work? What is your ideal career? This is a chance to
    really consider your future and get your ideas and thoughts on paper.
    There is something about writing down your thoughts and ideas that helps
    clarify them.
  • Finally, are you
    in your ideal career? Why or why not? How did you get to the place you are
    right now?

There is room for creativity in how you choose to approach this
writing assignment. I will grade on spelling, grammar, and clarity of writing
and thought. The majority of your grade for this assignment will come from the
depth of analysis.

This part of the assignment (not including the part you did last
week) should be between 500-1000 words. I think that you will find that writing
a few sentences or a paragraph on each of the points will get you to this
rather quickly. I will deduct points if it is less than 500 words.

This assignment must be submitted as an attachment in Microsoft
Word format. In accordance with APA rules, remember to cite the book Career Match, along with the author,
whenever you refer specifically to the book.

Post PSS301 Effective Management Artical summary latest

Please answer the following questions related to this week’s

What are the characteristics of effective managers?

What traits should a manager use to foster enthusiasm in the

Provide me with examples of your own experiences.

I am looking for insightful and complete responses. The paper
should be a minimum of one page (not including the cover sheet and References
page) and submitted as an attachment in Microsoft Word format. References to
all assigned articles should be included within the paper. Please remember to
state each question before you respond. Also, APA citation and formatting must
be adhered to, including listing the assigned articles on your References page.

Post PSS301 Reaction to Crisis Artical summary latest 2015

This assignment must be submitted as
an attachment in Microsoft Word format.

Please answer the following questions related to the article provided and
submit your paper to the assignment link. Please ensure that you list the
article on your References page per APA guidelines and use in-text citations
when necessary:

  1. Give an example of how you turned a negative experience
    into a positive one.
  2. What tactics do you use to counter adversity?
  3. How resilient are you?

Post PSS301 Book Review and Analysis Report latest 2015

Submit your book review and analysis report to the
Assignment Link.

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