Jul 21, 2017

what political parties or political movements are absent?

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Book discussion American Exceptionalism


Film: Seymour Martin Lipset interview, CSPAN Booknotes watch internet: (only count paragraphs for word count not questions) Book Discussion American Exceptionalism | Video | C-SPAN.org As you watch this interview please make note of the following and write a paragraph on each question: - What is most remarkable in Lipset`s view about the American political system, i.e. what political parties or political movements are absent? - What is remarkable about the role of religion in the United States? How do the churches in America differ from those in Europe and Britain and how do Americans differ from Europeans, Japanese, British and others in their religious life? - What explanations does Lipset give for the striking inequality and different levels of socio-economic achievement by different groups in the United States? In particular how does he explain the relative success of Jewish Americans as opposed to the much more difficult progress of African Americans in this country? - What are the tenets of the "American ideology" or "American creed" according to Lipset?

Book discussion American exceptionalismInsert name:Institution affiliation:Due date: Lipset used the term “American exceptionalism” show how America is a unique and different country. The most remarkable political aspect for America is that it is the only country that has no labor party or social party. United States is the only democratic state in the world, and consequently has taught other countries about democracy. America is a country with the highest rates of prisoners in jails in the world because it emphasizes on the rule of law. It is the only country with the highest number of immigrants. U.S bill of rights protects rights of different people from different ethnic backgrounds in U.S. The role of religion of religion in America is helping people to worship God. In other countries, majority of people do not believe in religion. Americans are more religious than other countries. European countries are less religious, and atheism is much rampant. Atheists are fewer in America. More Americans ...

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