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What other variables can you use to describe your average customers?

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Quality control (Competitive Analysis, Market Analysis)


This paper is about creating a gym business. It is calling Flexington. Core services are divided into 3 sections Powerlifting, Martial Arts classes and Nutrition program (Smoothie store) . Supplementary services are physical therapy, and massages. Ronnie, Amor and Robinson are managers and we are using employees to deliver the services. We will be based in Midtown Manhattan East 47th street. We are targeting people of all from 19- 60


Introduction (1/2 page) : Explain the clear definition of the nature of the service offering, core product and supplementary services, the determinant attributes of your service offering.

Market Analysis (2 pages)- Think about the market relevant characteristics of your average customers. Does age matter? Does gender matter? Does income matter? Does household composition matter? What other variables can you use to describe your average customers? Look at the relevant demographics of the city or town in which you plan to open your business. Explain what do these demographics tell you about the potential profitability of your business? The closer those demographics match the characteristics of your average customers, the more likely it is that your business will be successful.

Competitive Analysis (2 pages) - Look at online customers` reviews (you can use websites like Yelp!) of other firms offering similar services in the same town or city where you plan to open your business. What do people praise about your competitors? These are your competitors` strengths. Explain the plan to match these strengths in order to be competitive (Detailed). What do people criticize about your competitors? These are your competitors` weaknesses. Overcome some of these weaknesses in order to differentiate your company from your competition. Give specific details on what the plan to do to be different and better than your competition. 

(2 pages) Explain in detail- How will you deliver your Service? Will you use the same delivery for the Core product and supplementary service? How do you plan to ensure the quality of service you are delivering? Design a service that will meet your perceptions about customers` expectations. Methods and plans to make sure you correctly assess you customer`s expectation. Plan to ensure that your employees delivered the service you promise to the customers (how do you plan to avoid gap 3 type of problem.

(1 1/2 pages) Explain- which is potential sources of fluctuations in demand for the service? What types of cycles in demand you expect? (Daily, monthly, seasonal cycles?), How do you plan with these fluctuations in demand?

Explain all these 

Student Name:Topic: Quality controlTutor:Date:Part 1IntroductionThe name of the gym will be Flexington, and the gym managers will be Ronnie, Amor and Robinson. The gym will be located at East Midtown Manhattan’s 47th street with the population of interest being individuals aged between 25-45 years. The core services that will be offered at Flexington include powerlifting, martial arts, and nutrition programs while the supplementary services include physical therapy and massages. The gym’s goal is the provision of affordable high-quality, and personalized services will be offered by well trained personnel and affordable deals offered for the gym members. Moreover, the clients will be provided with customized training programs at the gym and at home that will be supplemented by the nutritional programs that will ensure good health and positive outcomes of training. Finally, the strategic location of the gym will ensure easy accessibility for the clients.Part 2Market AnalysisThe gym’s target market as indicated above will be targeting the male population aged between 25-45 years within the area. A special focus will be on the single males in the city. With the need and pressure among males to gain muscles, strength, and maintaining a certain level of fitness among men, they always feel the need to train to achieve this goal. The core and supplementary services offered at Flexington will be sufficient to meet their demands.Midtown Manhattan East 47th street is mainly a residential area. It has a population of approximately 158,000 people that is still growing as new residential buildings are being constructed that will bring more people into the area. Majority of the population is aged between 20-50 years and comprised of mainly middle-aged single males and females who are high-income earners, well educated, and living a hip and up-scale life. Due to their single status most of the men in the city spend their free time working out in the gym. In addition, the need to impress the single female counterparts the men in the area invest in their bodies in both monetary and non-monetary terms (time) this includes body-building and general fitness that will be achieved by the core and supplementary services that will be offered at Flexington.Since the gym will be located in a non-residential area, it provides a suitable site as the residents and non-residents who work in the area would come for training after work before heading to their homes. Moreover, the massage services would be crucial for such workers after long working hours. In addition, the massage services would be critical for all individuals attending any form of session in the gym. This combined with the high income of the Manhattan population implies that the number of clients at the gym who are willing and able to pay for the services will be high, and this will translate to increased profitability for the gym. In addition, the residential population is also ...

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