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What lingering scars do people carry with them from the experience?

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Historical or Cultural Museum Visit


Visit a museum that focuses on cultural history, preferably the history of a certain cultural group, and spend at least an hour observing the exhibits and listening to the guide (if one is available). Observe aspects of culture as they are presented in the museum and also notice evidence of conflict in their history. Write an essay of 500-750 words about the experience. Where did you go? Who went with you? How long did you stay? What did you learn about the people and how conflicts have shaped their history? What were the positive outcomes of the conflict? What lingering scars do people carry with them from the experience? Reflect on how much this experience stretched your comfort zone and how this observation could affect your intercultural communication. Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines. An abstract is not required.

Cultural HistoryName:Institution: The reality of every other society on the planet is that they all have some form generation development. To the society this is their heritage as it details how far they have come over the ages. Much like cultures they all have some form of origin and they are passed down the generations. This is part of the strong pillars of any society in the world. The accuracy of the information that is either stored or passed down the generation is crucial, as it is the pivotal point of the continuation of the cultures within any given society. Today much of the evidence that remain is stored in the museums. These are crucial facilities in the society as they are custodians of the historical moments in form of exhibits related to the cultures and events that shaped the latter (Thewright.org, 2014). Most of the societies have also had some conflict in their past that has shaped their lives in the present.On the weekend, together with my two cousins we had a chance to visit the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History for a two day trip. On the road trip we had a chance to look around at the various developments that have come, before we went to the museum and have a historical recollection of some of the events that have shaped the African American culture. Among some of the exhibits were shackles and chains that were used in slave trade. Most of the slaves that were brought by ship would be tied up in metallic shackles together. There were quite a number of artifacts and art th...

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