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What issues are most important to you?

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What counts as latino/a studies?

Paper 1 Assignment: LLAS 201: Culture and History of US Latinos Length: 4-5 pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt font Paper Due 10:00pm Sunday, 9/23 Dr. Emily García, Fall 2012 Objectives This needs to be an Argumentative Essay •Analysis of introductory course materials regarding the idea of “Latina/o” •Development of skills in argumentative writing Directions 1. Write a four- to five-page argumentative essay in response to the following prompt. (shown below in detail) 2. Organize your paper around a thesis and develop your argument logically. 3. Make sure you "FREE WRITE" and support your ideas. 4. Revise your paper carefully, several times, for organization, content, clarity, conciseness and style. 5. Edit your paper for grammar, mechanics, syntax and spelling. Include an original title and a header with your name and the date. Prompt: What counts as Latina/o studies? In “Y tú, ¿qué (Y2K),” George J. Sanchez calls for a Latino history that crosses national borders to consider Latino culture in both the U.S. and Latin America. Using Sanchez`s argument as a model, develop your own argument about what you think should or might be studied in Latino Studies courses. What issues are most important to you? What aspects of Latino life do you think you most need to cover? Rely on your experiential knowledge to develop your ideas. You can only use one source which HAS TO BE the following: it is in the book "Latinos Remaking America" ISBN#9780520258273 and IT HAS TO BE ONLY CHAPTER 1 which has to do with the prompt(pages 45 to 58)the title to Chapter 1 is “Y tú, ¿qué (Y2K),” Latino History in the New Millennium George J. Sanchez PS:Please be sure to REVISE the paper. I`ve had really bad papers given to me in the past with horrible grammatical errors that even a 6th grader can catch.
Name:Task:Tutor:Date:What counts as Latino/studies?Latina/o community is one of the major growing groups in the United States. It is predicted that, by mid century, the community`s population is expected to comprise of twenty-five percent. The development as well as the results of globalization in the United States is undoubtedly reshaping various political, social, and economical issues in the history of the country. Obviously, the Latino population in the United States is changing the face of the country. This is the reason why various scholars and several professionals in different fields have been attempting to explore the various aspects of this community`s life and historic immigration that students ought to know about this group. They have covered varying issues from historical matters, wellbeing, race, education, labor, politics, language, and education (Sanchez 46). This undertaking is quite essential for ensuring that people can better understand the diversity and predicaments that the Latino community faces every day in the US. An aspect of Latino life that citizens and students need to study and have a comprehensive understanding of is the history of the community that is quite diverse. This ought to be done by studying the community`s culture in both the United States and Latin America. The cultural and sociopolitical history of the community is one area that really has to be broadly expounded on. This should be done in the context of the present underlying racial discussions. The community`s psychological wellbeing as influenced by the immigration and accessibility to proper health care, the outcome of separation from family members as a result of the immigration are some of the major issues that ought to interest those seeking to study and understand the various issues affecting the lives of Latinos in the United States. In the recent past, the attitudes of anti-immigrants in the United States have been a fundamental issue of concern in the country, and therefore, a comprehensive study of the factors influencing the feelings shared by those against this immigra...

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