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What is the structure and function of the synovial joint of the knee?

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The Skeletomuscular System

Minimum words 250 with references

The skeletomuscular system allows us to move through the environment using different modes including walking, running, eating, typing on a computer, and even driving a car. But sometimes accidents happen, like a slip on the ice resulting in a broken wrist, or a long run leading to achy joints.

Respond to each of the following

  1. Many of us know someone who has broken (or fractured) a bone, whether it is a wrist, ankle, or hip.
    1. What are the different types of bone fractures?
    2. How does bone remodel itself?
    3. What are the different ways a doctor may treat a fractured bone?
    4. Have you or someone you know had a fracture? How was it treated? What was the outcome?
  2. John is training for a marathon and recently he has been experiencing knee pain. He subsequently went to the doctor for a diagnosis.
    1. What are the possible diagnoses for his knee pain?
    2. What is the structure and function of the synovial joint of the knee?
    3. What is knee synovitis?
    4. What might the doctor recommend to John to treat his symptoms?
    5. What are some holistic approaches to treating his symptoms?

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