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What is the role of self-awareness in developing as a leader?

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Self-Awareness and Leadership Development


This is 10 questions with their topics that is related to the leadership subject? Each question should be about page and half answer, (style is essay). Introduction paragraph and conclusion usesub-headings if necessary. The book name as a source to answer is leadership understanding its global impact authors are Carol Dalglish and Peter Miller. These are exam questions so no need in or end text reference unless it’s necessary. Also you can use another resources if want just to mention this one I mentioned earlier is the main one

1. Self-awareness and leadership development

-          What is the role of self-awareness in developing as a leader?

2. Personality in leadership

-          What is the role of personality in leadership? Is there one sort of personality that makes a good leader?

3. Theories of leadership – trait and situational (including LPC)

-          What is the basis of situational leadership? Discuss two of the important theories of situational leadership.


-          Do leaders have common traits? Discuss the role of traits in leadership theory.

4. Charismatic and transformational leadership

-          What is charismatic leadership? Illustrate your answer with one or more examples of a leader.


-          What is transformational leadership? Illustrate your answer with one or more examples of a leader.

5. Organisational culture

-          What is organisational culture? How does organisational culture affect leadership?


-          What is the leader’s role in creating an effective team in a multicultural organisation?

6. Power & influence

-          What are the types of power a leader can use, and what are the most effective influence tactics to employ?


-          What is empowerment in leadership? Why is empowerment important in leading work teams?

7. Leadership and communication

-          What is the role of communication in leadership? What are the core communication skills for leaders?

8. Leadership and teams

-          What are the advantages and disadvantages of teamwork from a leadership perspective?

9. Leading change

-          How can an understanding of change assist a leader? Illustrate your answer with two change models.

10. Followership

-          How can an understanding of followership assist a leader?



Leadership Name: Institution: Course: Date: Self-awareness and leadership development Self-awareness is one of the crucial elements of leadership development, as leaders have to understand their personality as well as the way that others perceive them. This way they are able to manage their juniors from a personality standpoint and make decisions relative to how other react to the same along the best practices. Additionally, leaders are able to leverage their strengths because of self awareness. Such leaders are more likely to gain credibility and are open to change since they rely on emotional intelligence as they develop their leadership abilities. In any case, by utilizing self awareness leaders become more effective because they know their values and beliefs. Personality in leadership By extension personality plays a major role in developing an effective leader, which means that some personalities are trailblazers while others are not effective. Elements of personality such as honesty, openness, conscientiousness and decisiveness form a good basis for a good leader, while lack thereof


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