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What is the racial/ethnic make-up of the city?

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Population Class Assignment


This assignment requires you to study contemporary racial residential segregation, its causes and consequences. To complete the assignment, follow the instructions below. 

1. Visit The Racial Dot Map found at http://www.coopercenter.org/demographics/Racial-Dot-Map. The Racial Dot Map maps every single person counted in the 2010 U.S. Census according to their self-reported racial/ethnic identity. Use this map to answer the following questions about New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco:

• What is the racial/ethnic make-up of the city?

• Are there patches of integration and/or segregation, and what is the geography of those patches (where are they spatially located, and are there physical or geographic boundaries between patches)?

• Overall, would you say the city is racially integrated or racially segregated? 

2. Read the chapter “The Continuing Causes of Segregation” in the book American Apartheid by Douglas Massey & Nancy Denton. Write a short (no more than 250 words) summary of the chapter. Answer the questions: what causes racial segregation, and how do we know?

3. Read Janice Bell et al., “Birth outcomes among urban African-American women: A multilevel analysis of the role of racial residential segregation”. Write a short (no more than 250 words) summary of it. Answer the questions: what consequences does racial segregation have on the outcome under study, what evidence does the study use to document those consequences, and why does segregation have those consequences?

4. Census data are used to describe & study racial segregation. Briefly (in no more than 250 words total) reflect on the following questions. Why are census data necessary for this task? What census measurement or coverage errors might affect the study of segregation using census data? 


Population Name Institution Date Housing segregation in the United States advanced slowly and deliberately among the major cities. In fact, preceding to 1900, African Americans were distributed widely throughout white zones. For instance, in the southern cities of the United States, African American employees lived side by side with their white employers. In the northern urban areas, African Americans were more expected to share a neighborhood with whites than to live in racially segregated societies. The two racial clusters regularly intermingled in a common social world, sharing social traits and morals through frequent interaction. However, as African Americans relocated north into industrial societies after World War I and II, the picture of the urban ghetto began to advance. At the turn of the century, approaches such as public improvement plans, public housing agendas, and urban restitution policies were utilized to achieve racial segregation. Racial segregation soon became the policy of local governments and normal operating system for individual landowners. The rise of the black ghetto did not happen by chance but was the result of the cautious housing policies of both the federal and state governments and the intentional activities of individual American citizens. Contrary to the g


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