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What is the physiological effects of the substance cocaine on the human body.

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How the Substance Is Consumed


Please, please read the instructions. answer the questions

1. How the substance is consumed

2. What is the pharmacology of the substance of cocaine

3. What is the physiological effects of the substance cocaine on the human body.

I need two scholarly references you choose, the material in which I have added which is from Chapter 9 I need in text citations . I want 500 words on that. Then give me 50 words or so on describing what the pharmacological and physiological effects of substance use. this is chapter 9 of my book I could not send it the computer is messing you only the first two pages chapter 9 has to be in the paper. I will call you and maybe I can send it in on Sunday after going to the library. I will tell you how to find chapter 9

go to lc-grad2.gcu.edu then my code is dwilliams274 password is Bolton$60 that will get you to all the chapters. I also will need 2 other scholarly reference with a conclusion. Let me know if the writer need other information


Cocaine Name Institution How the Substance Is Consumed Cocaine known by its scientific name as benzoylmethylecgonine is a strong addictive stimulant that a quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and directly affects the brain. Cocaine is extracted from the Erythroxylon coca bush leafs and was used as stimulants/elixirs to treat a multiple illnesses during the 1900’s.” (NIDA, 2008). Cocaine is used in powder form or as a freebase. The powdered form of cocaine is referred as hydrochloride salt snorted through the nose and known with its common street name as “coke.” The powdered form can also be mixed with water and injected in to the veins. On the other hand, the freebase form is smoked. Injecting or smoking cocaine produces a quicker, stronger but short lived high than snorting (NIDA, 20


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