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What is the Difference About Mobile Computing

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What is the Difference About Mobile Computing



This is the big order. Please read and follow instruction carefully!!! This is one time submission and NO REVISE accept from instructor.
I have attached "intruction paper and Powerpoint to illustrate and help writer have more understand and gear to topic correctly." 
Please follow "requirements as mentioned in instruction`s paper".
Thanks for your help.

This paper I have only one time submission and no revise accepted from instructor. Please read and follow detail instruction steps. you can have little more time than 10 days if needed to completed. Please check and make sure in the topic. dont forget "sources MUST BE LESS THAN 3 years from 2015 and No Wikipedia" Thank for your help.


What is the difference about mobile computing? Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Table of Contents TOC o "1-3" h z u 1.0 Introduction PAGEREF _Toc435699376 h 21.1 Mobile Computing PAGEREF _Toc435699377 h 22.0 Fundamentals of Mobile Computing PAGEREF _Toc435699378 h 32.1 History of Mobile Computing PAGEREF _Toc435699379 h 43.0 Wireless Data Systems PAGEREF _Toc435699380 h 53.1 Importance of Wireless PAGEREF _Toc435699381 h 63.2 Challenges of Wireless PAGEREF _Toc435699382 h 73.3 Prevalence of Wireless networks PAGEREF _Toc435699383 h 84.0 Components of Mobile Computing PAGEREF _Toc435699384 h 94.1 Intelligent devices PAGEREF _Toc435699385 h 94.2 Data transmission PAGEREF _Toc435699386 h 104.3 Systems and applications PAGEREF _Toc435699387 h 105.0 Cellular Growth PAGEREF _Toc435699388 h 116.0 Wireless Networks PAGEREF _Toc435699389 h 126.1 Wireless Local Area Networks PAGEREF _Toc435699390 h 126.2 Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN) PAGEREF _Toc435699391 h 126.3 Adhoc Wireless Networks PAGEREF _Toc435699392 h 147.0 Mobile Computing Enabling Technologies PAGEREF _Toc435699393 h 147.1 Wireless (data) communication PAGEREF _Toc435699394 h 157.2 Higher bandwidth PAGEREF _Toc435699395 h 157.3 Security and authentication PAGEREF _Toc435699396 h 157.4 Small Form Factor (SMM) PAGEREF _Toc435699397 h 167.5 Personalization and application choices PAGEREF _Toc435699398 h 167.6 Machine learning, inference and content awareness PAGEREF _Toc435...

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