Jul 14, 2017

What is the best way to preserve existing Earth’s biological diversity?

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Biodiversity Term Paper


Successful completion of this activity requires that you spend some time thinking carefully about your term paper, which may address any topic having to do with biodiversity.

A prospectus will allow you to refine your ideas and outline the steps necessary for successfully completing your term paper. As you proceed through this activity please keep the following questions in mind:

What prior notions or personal beliefs, if any, have been challenged by this course?

What is the best way to preserve existing Earth’s biological diversity?

Do you believe that biodiversity can be preserved? Should it be preserved?

Is the topic appropriate and tractable? Is there sufficient information available in the primary literature to adequately address the topic?

The following description of a writing prospectus was adapted from information provided by the University of Colorado at Boulder, Program for Writing and Rhetoric (University of Colorado at Boulder, Program for Writing and Rhetoric).

What is a prospectus?

A prospectus is a statement briefly describing the questions, materials, and methods that you will use while preparing your term paper.

What are the parts of the prospectus?

A clear, concise introduction to the topic of your term paper.

The main topic or question that you intend to address in your paper.

A summary of the basic arguments surrounding your chosen topic.

The materials that you will require to complete your term paper, including the sources that you will use to support or refute your argument.

Who is a prospectus written for?

Please keep your audience in mind as you prepare a prospectus. In this case, it will be your instructor, who will determine whether or not your topic is appropriate and manageable.

In what style should the prospectus be written?

Please write the prospectus in the third person using the active voice. Also, make sure that you demonstrate confidence that the topic has merit because if your prospectus seems incomplete or not thought-through then your paper is equally likely to be incomplete and not carefully considered.

How long should the prospectus be?

Your prospectus needs to cover a few essential points to assure your instructor that you have planned a substantive paper. Please address each of the following points when preparing your prospectus:

Proposed title

Purpose (What will this paper do for the reader? For you?)

Major question(s) you hope to answer

Work calendar (How will you spread the work out?)

Proposed table of contents/list of major sections

Help/resources needed (What do you need to do an excellent job?)

Your biggest concern(s) or question(s) about the paper

A reference list containing at least 10 examples of primary or secondary literature that are directly related to your proposed topic


Writing Tip #20: Writing your research prospectus. (n.d.). Retrieved December 1, 2010, from University of Colorado, Program for Writing and Rhetoric website

Your prospectus will be evaluated to ensure that proposed topics are appropriate and tractable. Please turn in your prospectus by the end of this module into the appropriate drop box.


Biodiversity Name: Institution: Course: Date: Introduction Earth is graced by a diverse amount of species that live in the various ecosystems that can be found in different parts of the world. The different life forms that can be found on earth relative to the different ecosystem are the biodiversity. From plants, animals and microorganisms, their diverse genes and genetic codes; various ecosystems and biomes such as rain forests, deserts, seas, reefs and polar regions are part of the earth’s diversity and each have their unique characteristics and importance (Sowter, 2013). Biodiversity is crucial relative to the fact that it provides invaluable services to the human, plants and animal populations by generating foods, fertile soils, clean water, shelter, oxygen, medicine, climate control and technology material among others (Cho, 2011). As such, the aspect of preserving biodiversity on earth is crucial to the survival of various species which includes the human race. Destruction of any form is bound to wreak havoc in the future, which would strain the future generations’ ability to provide for themselves adequately. Th


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